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2004 Leesburg 20K Race Recap

Bummed that I won’t be joining my friends at this Sunday’s Leesburg 20K – one of my favorite races and a race I’ve run the last three consecutive years – I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a throwback recap from the 2004 Leesburg 20K.    On that hot August 8th morning, Bill and […]


2016 Leesburg 20K Race Recap

I don’t remember much about my first Leesburg 20K back in 2004 other than it was hot, humid, hilly, and left nothing to make me want to run it again. Fast forward to 2014 and then 2015 when I decided to give the race another chance and quickly learned that I really liked the change in the course and […]


Struggling To Get My Mojo Back, And All It Took Was A Race

Not sure if I had the post-vacation blues or still wasn’t feeling well, I muddled back into my routine on Wednesday morning after spending Tuesday cleaning the beach house and then driving home from the Outer Banks. I quickly discovered that routine was exactly what I needed and now that my summer cold has moved on, I’m finally […]


2015 Leesburg 20K Race Recap

Sunday’s Leesburg 20K was yet another fun filled morning spent with my MRTT and Cruiser running buddies!  Believe me, I sometimes pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming because I have so many good friends who share my running passion, and each race morning seems like a party to me.  Proceeds from the race benefited […]


2014 Leesburg 20K Race Recap

I hope you like lots of pictures, because today’s 2014 Leesburg 20K recap is chock-full of them!  Proceeds from today’s race benefited the YMCA of Loudoun County’s youth programs, and it’s always nice to run a race that benefits something I find important.  I ran this race back in 2004, and I can’t believe that […]

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