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Sometimes I hitch a ride on the struggle-bus during my runs, but usually I don’t. Oddly, both my Tuesday and Thursday runs seemed extra difficult this week. I lagged behind on Tuesday’s 9:10 average pace run, but managed to hang on for dear life during Thursday’s 8:53 average pace run. Anytime I struggle I remind myself that I’m about […]


Don’t Leave Them Standing High And Dry

During my interview for the Real Runners Virtual Summit hosted by Katie Heddleston which starts on Monday, I talked about running longevity and how my running has changed as I’ve gotten older. We discussed running for fitness versus training to race at a locally competitive level and what younger runners can do to ensure a long running career. During […]


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: A Free Entry Into The Real Runners Virtual Summit

  Dear Babe, Flowers die after a few days… You eat the tastiest of my chocolates… I don’t need more jewelry since I work in gym clothes… What I’d really love, though, is for you to surprise me with an entry into the ten-day Real Runners Virtual Summit featuring interviews with a bunch of really awesome runners. The summit […]

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