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Being Realistic When Setting Goals

A few weeks ago, Amy wrote about her upcoming marathon on her blog, Run / Write / Hike. She talked about her marathon goals, how running is a stress reliever for her, and how for this particular marathon she isn’t chasing a particular time. Amy went on to discuss how blogging has impacted our running: […]


2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, And 1999 Steamtown Marathon Recaps

Today is the 18th Annual running of the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Good luck to any of my readers who are running this great race today! I decided to run my first Steamtown Marathon in 1999 after reading that Runner’s World listed it as one of the nation’s top ten fastest marathons. Take a look […]


Fall Is The Time For…  Racing!

It’s racing season!  I have no statistics to back this statement up, but it sure seems like the majority of marathons are in the fall… at least around here.  With so many of my friends doing a fall race (some are running their first marathon),  I thought I’d focus on running tips in some of […]


A Run Down Memory Lane

Today I thought it might be fun to take a run down memory lane… Except for a baby picture my parents have of me running toward them on my first birthday and a high school yearbook picture that I can’t find, this is the first photograph that I have of me running. I ran lots […]

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