My client and I really needed to wear each others shoes today!  As you can see in the following picture, my Adidas Boston jacket and Monica’s Saucony shoes were a perfect match!


And this picture shows how beautifully my Asics GT2000 match Monica’s Under Armour shorts!  We looked good together; as long as I stood on my head while training her…


As promised, here is an update on how my client/friend Betty’s trip went.  If you remember, I did a three part series on her a few weeks ago:  The Many Years of Yo-Yo Dieting, And Then the Unthinkable Happened, and Betty’s Vacation Survival Plan.  Betty went on her family vacation in early April and had a wonderful time.  While there, she was able to keep her eating clean and on plan; but the weather turned so cold that she wasn’t able to get out and walk each morning as planned.  She stayed with her elderly aunt and did the cooking so her aunt could totally relax and enjoy her birthday weekend, and this gave Betty the opportunity to keep their meals healthy.  Betty even maintained her weight while away!

I’ve used Bill’s photographs in my posts a couple of times (a hawk and a bluebird).  This morning he captured some gorgeous pictures of the wildlife in our back yard.  I thought I’d share some of his work with you.  The first two pictures are of Frazier, our great blue heron.  He is demonstrating his wing form to Bill!


Getting ready to take off


Taking off

This dogwood tree is planted in an open area on our deck.  It’s gorgeous, huh?


Dogwood blooms

And finally here’s our neighbor’s redbud tree…


Redbud blooms

  • Questions:
  • Do your running or workout clothes match or do you just grab the first thing you see?
  • What shoes do you run in?
  • Do you exercise while on vacation?
  • Should Bill start a photography blog?  What should he name it?