I’m doing another ultra!  Well, not really, but it certainly did feel good saying that!  :-)I am planning a very informal ultra for our running group, and here’s the scoop…  On Sunday July 14, 2013 (yes that’s just around the corner), I’m planning the Cruisers’ W&OD Trail 45-Mile Ultramarathon Training Run.


The Cruisers have run the 45-mile distance of the W&OD Trail a couple of times before, but always over a four to six-week period doing a different leg each Saturday morning.  One of our Cruisers (not me) wants to run an ultra this summer, so I thought, “Why not organize one!”  My goal is to have at least one other Cruiser running on the trail with our “Ultra Cruiser” at all times.  I plan to run a 15-mile leg early on, and then join in again later in the day for another leg.  Of course my running availability will depend on who I have to help drive the support vehicle…

The Cruisers’ W&OD Trail 45-Mile Ultramarathon Training Run will start on Sunday, July 14 in Purcellville, VA and run the distance of the trail to Shirlington, VA.


We will meet at the old train depot parking lot at the trail head in Purcellville (next to Magnolias at the Mill, 198 N 21st St, Purcellville, VA 20132 ) at 6:45 AM. Plan to be dropped off and picked up, because there will be no shuttle to take you back to your car when you finish.


Cruisers at sunrise at the Purcellville end of the trail in 2010

Runners of all levels may participate and run the entire distance, join in at any point to run a few miles with the ultra runners, or set up a relay team. Calculate an average pace of 12-13 minutes per mile for the distance runners to determine what time to arrive to join them along the trail. I will tweet locations and times throughout the day. Follow me at @DebRunsFIT and use #CruisersUltra for updates.


Cruisers at the Shirlington end of the W&OD Trail in 2009

Although there will be a few water stops along the way, bring your own water, Gatorade, gels, etc. If you plan to run the distance, please have your own crew team, or coordinate with me to carry your supplies. Feel free to provide support, or to get a friend to drive in support, and meet the runners at key locations along the trail with food, drinks, and encouragement.


Cruisers at Clark’s Gap in 2009

This is a free, low-keyed training run with no t-shirt, no finisher’s medal, lots of photo opportunities, plenty of bragging rights, and an opportunity to be featured on DebRuns.com!

Please be considerate and keep these W&OD Trail rules in mind during the event:

  1. Stay in the right lane
  2. Give warning if passing another runner or walker
  3. Move completely off of the trail when you stop
  4. Place all trash in the appropriate trash receptacles

If you plan to join us, please RSVP on the Facebook event linked in the second paragraph. Also, if you’re available to provide support, please leave a comment on the Facebook event.

  • Questions:
  • If you live in the area, do you think you’ll join us for any part of the run?
  • Have you ever run an ultra?