I don’t want to say, “I told him so,” but I told him so…  Back in mid-December Bill went out for a run just before it got dark.  I had suggested that he go running while it was still light out because there were patches of snow melted on the trail that would be dangerously slick once they refroze when the sun went down.

Being the experienced runner that he is, he had all of the important running gear with him that one would take when running alone – in the dark – on an icy trail.  Well, not exactly…

Headlamp – Check
Phone – Oops!
Yaktrax – Oops forgot them, too
Shoes – Check
Warm clothes – Check

Bill got home from his run shortly after I got home from work.  He came in all bloody and beat up.  He had slipped on the ice and had scraps, cuts, and bruises all along the left side of his body.  I also noticed that he had a cut on his temple that looked like a bullet hole (you can thank me for not sharing that picture).  When asked if he’d passed out when he hit his head, he said, “I don’t think so.”


The scene of the fall…


Photo taken the following day

I asked him how long he had lain there with his beacon of light shooting toward the sky confusing pilots that were trying to land at the local airport.  He wasn’t sure…


I probably should have insisted that he go to urgent care that night, but didn’t.  The next day he stopped by the doctor’s office and they said that it was too late for stitches, so they fixed him up the best they could.  Without stitches it took his finger about three times as long to heal as it should have.  His head and leg cuts and bruises healed quickly and he was able to run a couple of days later.  All things considered, he was pretty lucky he wasn’t hurt worse.  If only he’d been wearing his Yaktrax…

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