My last week before the craziness of the six-week long holiday season was pretty good – training wise.  We’ll see how focused I can stay as the weeks get busier and busier…


Tuesday was one of those days were I was very thankful to have a very patient person running with me.  Little did I realize at the time, but I had a 24-hour stomach bug that reared it’s ugly head during my run.  About a mile into my run, I realized I’d better find a bush or a porta potty immediately!  Luckily for me, at that very moment we were running past a nature center that I knew had a porta potty on the grounds.  Kelley was kind enough to wait for me while I stopped then, and another time later in our run.  We finished our run after 6.25 miles at a 9:44 pace.  For the rest of the day I had a very upset stomach.


Photo taken after the run

Lifted, but skipped my run due to lingering stomach issues…

On Thursday morning I celebrated Hug A Runner Day with my MRTT peeps after running 5 miles at a 9:27 pace.  The trail parking lot is right across from a little country furniture store, and provided the perfect backdrop for our picture!


On Friday I lifted, then enjoyed a few lemon drop martinis with my MRTT girls later in the evening.  We had a little reunion of our Tempo Tuesday and Thursday Hill group, AND celebrated Kathy’s and my birthdays.  We hardly recognized each other without our ponytails, and I love that we all traded our running shoes in for boots!  I’m not, however, loving the boot that Kathy is wearing on her right foot.  She’s been side-lined from our runs due to a stress fracture, and we can’t wait for her to get back out on the trail with us!


Our Saturday morning group run started out at 18° but we’re tough, and didn’t let it stop us from getting 8.75 miles in at a 9:10 pace.  I was also running my RunKeeper app, and I was glad that I had it as a backup since I couldn’t get my Garmin to find a signal for .24 miles into my run!  I had my RunKeeper on since I’m running both GPS’s for a few weeks while gathering information to compare for a future post.


Shortly after getting home, I went out for a run/walk with a client for 2.4 miles at a 16:54 pace.  Note to self:  Change out of your sweaty running clothes as soon as you get home, or you’ll freeze when you go back out into the extreme cold (especially during your walk breaks).

I just love my recovery runs on Sunday mornings with my BRF.  Yesterday we ran 6.2 miles at a 10:04 pace.  I always like tacking that .2 onto the end to get a read on my 10K pace.

Total weekly workouts:
Running – 26.2 miles
Run/walking – 2.42 miles
Lifting – 3 hours


  • Questions:
  • How was your training week?
  • What did you do over the weekend?
  • Who raced this weekend?  Give me details!