It’s time to sit down once again over a beverage of your choice and chat about things other than just running, riding, and training. Won’t you please join me? I’ll go first…


If we were having coffee…..
I’d remind you that I don’t like coffee or tea (hot chocolate is the only hot drink I enjoy). I’d also tell you that while taking this picture, no mugs were injured. 😉 Afraid that setting a hot mug in a snow drift might cause it to crack, I filled it with cold water and added whipped cream on top to make it appear like a mug full of delicious hot chocolate. No worries about being wasteful because I slurped the whipped cream off the top before making a real cup of hot chocolate.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I signed up for the University of Virginia’s Running Medicine Conference in March again this year. Unfortunately, it will be virtual rather than on campus which means that I’ll be participating from home and not in Charlottesville. Guess my sister-in-law and I will have to enjoy margaritas together virtually each evening since I won’t be staying with her.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that speaking of virtual happy hours, sadly we had to move our annual Italian dinner party to virtual this year. Next Saturday evening we will be toasting to old times with our of friends via Evite video chat, and you can bet we’ll be using the wine glasses we gave our guests last year. We’re hoping to host the real thing in late spring and on our deck. Time will tell how the numbers look in our area at that time and whether or not we’ve been able to get our Covid vaccinations…


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Bill and I signed up for our first bike race, the Loudoun 1725 Gravel Grinder in mid-June. Yes, we’ve done two tours, Bike NY Five Boro Tour and DC Bike Ride, but this is our first official race. We won’t be racing though, we’ll be treating it as a tour and enjoying riding with friends.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that my wrist has finally healed and I haven’t had to wear my brace for about six week. As I weaned myself off the brace I continued to wear it while lifting weights and riding my bike. For my next ride, I’m going to try riding without the brace, but have it with me in case I need the support.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I recently found my skate board from my college days, but I’m afraid to get on it. I can only imagine what I’d do to myself…


And finally, if we were having coffee…..
I’d ask if you have any real or virtual races coming up, and if you do, I’d wish you good luck and remind you to have fun!




Today I’m joining Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner and Coco at Running With Perseverance for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup which goes live the first Friday of every month.  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a cup of coffee and to say hello; and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers who are participating in the linkup.


  • Questions:
  • • Have you had any virtual happy hours lately?
  • • When was the last time you were on a skate board? ~ About twenty years ago for me!
  • • If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


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