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Race Items Check List
Back in April I wrote What’s All That Stuff You’re Carrying? Since fall is racing season, and I’m spending the week talking about race preparation, I’m re-posting it today with a few minor changes and additions…..


The Week Leading Up To Your Race
Let’s say you’ve done everything right so far. You’ve completed every training run exactly as your schedule says, you’ve eaten well, stayed hydrated, gotten plenty of sleep and you’re peaking at exactly the right time; you don’t want to do something stupid now to throw all of your hard work out the window…..


The Last Two Days Before Your Race
I promised that today I’d get into the topics of carbo-loading, dressing for the race, and the importance of sleep before the race…..


Race Etiquette
Back in early October, I made a promise to write several posts giving you a variety of running tips you could use for your upcoming marathons…


Race Recovery
As soon as you finish your race, grab a water bottle and keep walking around to let your legs cool down. If it’s a cool day and you’re wearing shorts, walk to packet pick-up to get your bag and put on long pants and a jacket as soon as you can…..