The majority of my personal training clients have weight management concerns so we spend a lot of time coming up with plans that they can implement to make positive changes in their everyday life.  Not every tip works for every person, so together, we set goals and how to reach those accordingly.

Below are some of my past posts that discuss a variety tips for managing weight loss.  Click on any of the blue links below to read the full post…..


Tracking Macronutrients: Choosing Complex Over Simple Carbohydrates
The popularity of low-carb diets from Atkins to Keto have given carbohydrates a bad rap for the last twenty years. Despite the myth that carbs are bad for us, they are a vital part of a healthy diet; however, choosing the right carbs is pivotal in providing our bodies with the right type of energy.


Tracking Macronutrients: Choosing the Right Fats
Despite its long history as being bad for us, fat is a vital part of a healthy diet. The key is selecting healthy fats which are good for your overall health. One of three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates), fat aids in storing energy and promoting cell growth. Fat also helps with absorption of valuable vitamins A, D, and E and generates necessary hormones.


Tracking Macronutrients: Getting Enough Protein
Protein, an essential component of a healthy diet, is the building block of our bodies. One of three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates), protein is responsible for repairing and rebuilding cells throughout our bodies. A combination of a regular strength training routine along with eating adequate amounts of protein can help stave off muscle loss. Individuals who have a larger muscle mass have higher metabolisms which in turn help with weight control.


Snacks To Keep You Going During Your Mid-Afternoon Hunger Attacks
You know the feeling – it’s mid-afternoon and you’re starving.  You still have a couple of hours until you can leave the office and go home to prepare a delicious dinner, but the rumblings in your stomach are telling you otherwise.  To help you survive, here are some of my favorite easy to prepare mid-afternoon snacks.



Never Hungry, Never Full
I learned about the “Never Hungry, Never Full Survival Bag” when I took a class to become a Certified Weight Management Consultant. Jack Broderick, our instructor, was a high energy man who kept you hanging on every word; and yes, he had his survival bag right there on his desk…..


Breaking Through The Plateau
The most important thing to remember during a plateau is to not give up and revert back to old unhealthy ways. Remember that body weight is just a number, it does not define anyone. The real focus should be on learning to make healthy food and exercise choices during your healthy lifestyle journey…..



Eight Ways To Fight Middle Age Spread
Ah yes, middle age and muffin tops… Fat seems to start creeping in as we hit forty, becomes increasingly stubborn as we hit fifty, and considers our bodies the perfect host by the time we’re sixty. Perhaps there’s a good reason our vision diminishes as our fat stores increase – so we can’t see our bodies changing! To help fight middle age spread, I’m sharing my best tips for keeping those pounds at bay.


Ten Reasons Why We Should Drink Our Water
When was the last time you felt totally hydrated? Truly hydrated? In today’s post, I’ll talk about why water is so important to us. In fact, I’ll give you ten reasons to drink plenty of water (in no particular order)…..


Setting Up A Home Gym
When setting up a home gym, I would recommend starting out with a few pieces of equipment and adding as you get stronger or want to add variety to your workouts.  If you have any questions about what to purchase, please feel free to contact me.


Staying Healthy During The Holidays
It’s that time of year where temptations abound from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, and now is the time to devise a game plan for how to handle eating and working out during the holidays.