Debbie’s Balance and Stretch class made the difference in my vacation in Italy.  Not only did it make the cobblestones and uneven steps easier to navigate, but the exercises have increased my stamina and flexibility.  Ready to get back out there-don’t leave home without these classes! 

~ Barbara M.
July 2022


Feeling absolutely fabulous these days!  And I owe a lot to you Debbie in helping make that so!  I have not felt this healthy, fit, and inspired in a long time.  Coming off my 3rd pregnancy where I was unable to exercise, I was looking for the push and additional guidance to get back to “me.”  Working with you, I have dropped over 30 lbs of baby weight (plus some) in about 4 months time.  My strength has significantly increased and my running pace has greatly improved.  I am continually challenged when I work with you and I look forward to the motivating time together.  You are a good friend and mentor, and are excellent at what you do in a very natural way.  

Thank you Debbie!  I plan to continue to pick your brain in all ways possible on the fitness front.  Whether it be formally in the gym, or informally through your motivational running group, running engagements, and blogs…keep inspiring!  

~ Kim H.
February 2015


Race training is going well. I’m up to about six miles. I broke my toe a month ago which has slowed me down a little bit. (My husband) and I ran a 5K this morning and ran it 3 minutes faster than we did the turkey trot at Thanksgiving. I’m about 3 pounds away from losing 50 pounds in the last year. I really couldn’t have done it without your assistance. Hope you are doing well.

~ Meredith F.
April 2014


As a former Division 1 athlete, I have worked out with many trainers in my lifetime and no one compares to Debbie.  Debbie is such an inspirational personal trainer and she always pushes her clients to do just one more pull up (even if it is assisted!).  She helped me gain back my whole body (physical, emotional and mental) after the birth of my first child.  Debbie even babysat my newborn baby so I could work out with her – even allowing me some “mommy time” to go on quick runs after training sessions.  

Debbie has extensive knowledge of various training methods and consistently changes the workouts.  During one training session I mentioned the use of ladders in college and she had purchased a ladder that I used during the next training session!  Debbie definitely goes above and beyond for her clients.  She truly is a life-changing trainer who personally invests in each and every client.

~ Sarah G.
April 2013


Your wealth of knowledge as well as your ability to make running fun is an awesome gift…  Thanks for sharing!  You rock!

~ Candy P.
  November 2009


I could not have run the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon without your coaching; and I would not have had the courage to defer my 2006 MCM entry to 2007 without remembering what you constantly remind us, “Slow down, listen to your body” and “there will be other marathons to run if you’re not ready this year.”  I always remember and repeat those quotes. I may only be able to walk/jog today, but I know I will run another marathon in the future because you share your knowledge and talent with us. Thanks for being a great coach.

~ Jerome S.
September 2006


I joined Worldgate Sport & Health in early 1994, but rarely went.  Exercise was very low on my priority list.  That was my other life…

In my new life as a heart attack survivor, I became anxious, only ate non-fat foods, was worried about my health and although I received a clean bill of health each year from stress tests, I could not relax when I exercised.

I started working with Debbie, a personal trainer at Worldgate.  Debbie developed a varied exercise routine for me that was both challenging and rewarding. Then I started seeing some results pretty quickly.  It is quite easy to get “stuck in a rut” when you exercise on a regular basis and neglect some aspects of fitness that are difficult for you.  Since I have been working with Debbie, I am neither bored during exercise, nor do I ignore my weaker areas.  Debbie has assisted greatly in improving my balance, which is my Achilles heel.

Debbie and I have been working together for nearly four years now. We meet every other week because I have the discipline and drive to keep up the exercise routine between personal training sessions.  Health and fitness have become my number one priority. And not only is Debbie a great personal trainer and an inspiration to me, she has also become my friend.  Thanks, Debbie!

~ Judy K.
May 2003


Wow!  What can I say…  Your marathon program has changed my life.  It has provided me with a vehicle to systematically approach the big race and organized the training process in a way that aided me physically, mentally, and emotionally in my preparation.  I could easily see my way to the longer runs.  Your program has made me a believer in my abilities and myself.

Mostly of all, Debbie, you are a true inspiration.  Your courage and conviction, your powerful example and pursuit of excellence, your confidence in me and concern for my well being, and your lighthearted, fun way of being, all contributed to an exceptional experience.  I am honored to know you; I am humbled by your accomplishments; I am touched by your warmth; and inspired in your presence.  Thanks for a great year…

~ Joe L.
November 2002


You are a wonderful coach, trainer, confidante, friend, runner, and overall person.  Thanks for all you do and for helping me get that PR!

~ Terri G.
October 2002


I couldn’t have qualified for Boston without your help.

~ Kevin M.
April 2002


Philly worked out great for me.  I made my Boston Qualifying time and almost made my extra goal of 3:15.  I finished with 3:16:13 chip time (410 overall and 122/736 in M 40-49).  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help, Debbie.  You really made a difference!  Most helpful to me was the race strategy input.  The pace chart was important! 

~ Bryan S.
November 2001


Thank you so very much for your inspiration, support, and guidance.  The National Aids Marathon Training Program really was a wonderful experience because of you!

~ Nancy H.
November 1998