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Running Form
Running form can be broken down into four basic components:  posture, stride length, arm position/swing, and foot strike.  Striving to run with the best form possible will not only improve efficiency, but will help keep injuries at bay.


Respecting the Principles of Overload and Adaptation
Combining the principle of overload with the principle of adaptation works well in both training new runners, helping experienced runners move to the next level, and getting older runners past an injury. Slow and steady is the way to go…


A Flat Runner Guide To Dressing For Your Run
I think most runners will agree that being over-dressed for a run is pretty miserable, and new runners often ask me how to dress for the many different temperatures we have in Virginia…..


Straight Bar Lacing – A Simple Lacing Change Can Rid Foot Pain
Traditional criss-cross lacing puts pressure on the tendons on top of the foot causing pain. Switching to straight bar lacing can help alleviate this pain.


Becoming A Runner:  Where Should You Start?
If you’ve been thinking about becoming a runner for a while, let me be the first to congratulate you on your decision to give this crazy running thing a try!  And the great thing about running is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to try it out.


Becoming A Runner, Part 2
If you’ve ever wondered what you should do once you walk out the door for that very first run, check out my tips for what to do on that very first run, how to plan for your first few weeks of running, and how to trick your body into becoming a runner.


Steps Toward Becoming A Runner
What should you should do once you walk out the door for that very first run?  You might think, “Well that’s simple, I’ll run.”  But first you have to decide how long, how far, and where you’ll run…


When Is Hot Too Hot For Exercising Outdoors?
Heat related illnesses can be often be avoided by not putting yourself in the position of exercising during extreme weather conditions; however, there are times when there are no other options. If you must exercise outside during the hot summer months, you can follow my eight tips to keep yourself safer.


Braving The Elements
We runners will do just about anything to avoid running on the treadmill. With a little planning ahead, we can get out and run under most weather conditions as long as we remain smart when making our decisions.


Starting Or Finding A Running Group
Finding a running group can me easy when you know where to look. Check with your gym, local running store, your active work friends, online, on the trial, and at races.  Ask other runners who they train with, and you might find yourself with an invitation to join!


Common Signs Of Overtraining
Today I want to talk about overtraining and how to recognize if you might be exercising too much. I remember way back to when I trained for my very first marathon my legs felt like lead when I got to the top of the stairs after my twenty mile training runs…..


Cold Weather Running Tips

With winter just around the corner, this week’s theme is Cold Weather Running Tips… I’ve written about dressing for different types of weather, but I haven’t written specifically about tips for running in cold weather until now…..