Please note that I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist.
I am a certified weight management consultant,
and love to share ways to live a healthy lifestyle
through exercise and healthy recipes.


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Roasted Asparagus
Roasting or grilling vegetables during the summer is one of the best ways to fill up on low-calorie, high-fiber foods that are rich in vitamins and energy producing carbohydrates.



Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges
These homemade roasted sweet potato wedges are healthy and a great source of natural fuel for the busy athlete.  They also double as a delicious side-dish for your summer barbecue.



Baked Blackened Tilapia
One of my current favorite fish to serve is tilapia.  I enjoy it because of its mild, non-fishy flavor.  Fish is a great source of protein, and is very desirable because it’s lower in fat than beef, pork, and even chicken.



Mandarin Orange And Almond Chicken Salad
My husband and I love a good entrée salad, and one of our favorites is this delicious and flavorful chicken salad with a strong orange influence.  I’ve been making it since we were first married, so it’s definitely a tried-and-true recipe. 



Colorful Tossed Salad
My friends always rave about my tossed salads, so much so, that they’ve dubbed them Debbie Salads. Perhaps the simplicity is what makes this salad so popular, but whatever the case, this salad is always a crowd pleaser. 


Chicken And Vegetables Stir-Fry
This combination of a lean meat and lots of fresh vegetables makes for a great alternative to pre-packed frozen stir-fry dishes. I use the most minimal amount of oil possible and I’m considering replacing that with water next time to see how it turns out. Stay tuned…


Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili
I found this recipe online and my family loves it! Even though I can take absolutely no credit for anything about it other than sharing a picture, give it a try and check out Gina’s other recipes while you’re at it! For a lower calorie/carb version, try serving the chili on a bed of baby spinach instead of rice.


Smokey Black Bean Stew
As soon as I saw this recipe in my November 2012 Runner’s World magazine, I knew I wanted to gave it a try. It’s become a favorite fall/winter hearty dinner for Bill and me.