I had a solid running week until I got to Saturday, and as planned, I took Saturday and Sunday off for a very special reason.  Funny thing is, I ran on my own wedding day.  I don’t remember how far I ran, but I definitely remember going for an early morning run!

I started off the week with a nice little 1.77 mile run/walk with my client and her 13-year old daughter.   We averaged a 14 minute pace, and I continue to be pleased with their progress.  After 1.77 miles we headed inside for some strength training and core work.

Later in the day, I walked 4 miles and came home and lifted weights.  I had less than a week to get my arms buff for the wedding and every workout counted!

We’ve tweaked our Tuesday morning hill repeats to include a two mile warm-up so we now meet at 5:30 AM.  For me, that means getting up at 4:30 so it’s a really good thing that I’m a morning person.  Once my feet hit the floor, I am wide awake and ready to conquer the world!


We had to use our headlamps for the first time since early spring, and I was so bummed.  It’s amazing how much darker it is when I leave my house to meet the girls, even on our 6 AM runs.


Part of what I love about getting up so early is helping to bring up the sun.


After our two-mile warm-up, I ran 13 hill repeats.  I finished off my workout by running around the neighborhood to finish up at 8 miles.  It took me 1:14:57 (9:22 pace) for my morning workout.

Later in  the day I went on a 2-mile walk to the big blue mailbox since I’d missed the mailman.  I walked at at 16:09 pace, but considering my morning workout, I was proud of myself for not driving!

I was too tired to run on Wednesday, so I went on a  4-mile walk at a 15:09 pace.  I’m kind of starting to dig these walks, and love that if I’m tired, I walk, and don’t feel guilty for not running!

While at the wellness center training clients, I stayed late and lifted over there.  It’s nice to have a change in scenery every now and then!

On the fly, I decided to run my three middle miles at tempo pace on Thursday, and then continue running until I hit 6.2 miles.  I wanted to double check my 10K pace for my Ragnar Relay profile and it seemed like as good of a day as any to do it.  I ran the 10K in 50:24 (8:07 pace).  My Ragnar profile says 9:30.  I’m still debating on whether or not to change it since one of our runners is coming back from an injury, and he’s not sure if he can keep his projected pace.

Since we didn’t have the infamous selfie stick with us, I decided to get creative with our shot.  Or did we buy a drone…

And because our shoes were so fun, we did this shoe selfie!


After my workout with my MRTT peeps, I rushed home to run/walk with my client and her daughter.  We walked 2 miles at a 13:24 pace.  She’s improving so much, and wants to join our MRTT group so she can get some extra runs in.  Can I just say how happy that makes me?

After some very early mornings and a busy weekend ahead, Bill and I decided to sleep in a little on Friday and didn’t start our run until about 8 AM.  I had planned to run about 10-12 miles, but cut it to 7 miles due to the late start.

Mom had arrived in town on Thursday and I didn’t want to be gone too long.  Also, Joseph and Daniel were taking Friday off work and spent the night, so we had a houseful of fun and happiness to get back to!

Since Friday was our 33rd wedding anniversary, Bill and I snapped a picture of our legs and called it our Anniversary Run for my Instagram post.  I finished my 7-mile run in 1:05:29 (9:21 pace), and Bill ran 3 more miles before calling it quits.


As soon as I got home I lifted weights, and then finished up stuff we needed to do for the rehearsal dinner that we were hosting in Reston Town Center at Il Fornaio.

I work up early and did some prep work for Sunday morning’s family brunch and then started getting ready for the wedding.  the groomsmen were arriving at 11 AM, and I wanted to be ready by the time they got here (I didn’t quite make it).

No workout was necessary because I knew I’d be dancing all night long!  I knew it was going to be a fun night when the dance floor filled up between the salad and main course!


Bill and I hosted a brunch on Sunday morning for both of our families before they started heading back out of town.  It has been a long time since both families got together and we really had a nice time!

Total weekly workouts:
Running – 21.2 miles
Run/walk – 3.77 miles
Walking – 10 miles
Lifting – 3 hours

I hope to post short little recaps of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; and then the wedding and reception sometime later this week.  I’m waiting to post wedding pictures until I get a few better ones.  Stay tuned!

  • Questions:
  • Do you like to dance?
  • What’s your favorite cake/icing flavor?
  • Who raced this past weekend?