It’s over…  I’m a Ragnarian, and I’m feeling the blues like it’s the day after Christmas.  What now?  There’s no planning, no organizing, no packing; just basking in the afterglow of a job well done by my amazing team of friends!

This evening’s post isn’t a recap.  It’s just to let you know that we finished, and that we had a blast!  I have far too many pictures to collect, edit, and pull together to be able to write a Deb Runs worthy recap; so please stay tuned.

While you wait for my recap, I’ll give you a little tease…  Way back in April when I registered our team, I projected that we would finish in 36 hours, but I was wrong!  Little did I know that I would recruit such speedy friends, and we would finish in 31 hours!  Yes, the Cruisers really WERE “Rockin’ The Relay!”

See you after some much needed sleep!


  • Questions:
  • Who has run a Ragnar Relay?
  • What are you willing to lose sleep for?
  • Who raced this weekend?