I’m a self-declared morning person.  I’m the type who is wide awake the second my feet hit the floor in the mornings; although, I have been known to hit snooze a time or two before those feet actually hit the floor.


Back in the spring my MRTT friends and I started meeting at 6:00 AM on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a small group run.  Several times we had to move our runs to 5:15 or 5:30 to accommodate someones schedule; and recently 5:30 has been more the norm for our starting time.  Surprisingly, these awesome moms seem to think, “The earlier, the better.”  And so do I… within reason.

I would rather run super early with my friends, than run alone later, and that leads me to my list of why I love early morning running!


Reasons I LOVE running super early before the sun rises:

  • • I start my day early
  • • I have quiet time at home before anyone else is up
  • • I know that I will get my run completed without putting it off
  • • I almost always have friends to run with
  • • I get to use my reflective gear and lights I purchased for Ragnar
  • • I love bringing up the sun
  • • I enjoy the quiet and tranquility along the trail
  • • I feel accomplished driving back into my neighborhood after a incredible workout as my neighbors are just getting up


Reasons I don’t LIKE running super early before the sun rises:

  • • You never know what is lurking in the shadows along the trail.
  • • Sometimes I don’t get to bed early enough the night before, and I’m exhausted all day
  • • Post-run selfies are harder to take!  🙂


So you can see, my reasons for loving running early far outweigh my reasons for not!



  • • Are you an early riser?
  • • Do you enjoy running in the dark?
  • • Random question:  When is your birthday? ~ Mine is next month!