I’ve recently become a huge fan of BAMR Bands.  There are so many fun and pretty designs and colors to choose from, and they don’t slip like other headbands.  My MRTT friends turned me on to these cool headbands during the summer when they showed up for our runs all color-coordinated, and I showed up with hair clips holding my ponytail in place.  I was oblivious to headband companies, but then things started falling into place…

I can’t remember exactly when I met Katie, the founder of BAMR Bands, but I do remember that it was online, and before I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at one of our MRTT runs.  Perhaps I found her blog, Healthy Heddleston, first; or maybe it was on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter…  Whatever the case, I noticed her because of her fun online presence, not necessarily because of her headbands.

You see, I was never much of a headband wearer for several reasons.  When wearing a headband, I occasionally got headband headaches, and I’ve lost more than one when it popped off the back of my head like a rubber band being shot by a naughty school boy.  I gave up on wearing those cute little bands of color in my hair almost as quickly as they became popular, and didn’t give it another thought.

And then I met Katie – in person.  After our initial meeting in June, I didn’t see her again until our MRTT Fall Open House.  She had her BAMR Bands for sale, and I watched as several friends purchased new headbands to match their running outfits, and wondered if these just might stay on my head like my running friends insisted they would.  But being a skeptic, I assumed they weren’t any different that the others I’d tried, and chose to continue using clips to help keep my hair back in it’s ponytail.


Kim and Katie

Even though I was a skeptic, I’m no dummy, and since so many of my running friends love BAMR Bands, I knew my readers would, too! I reached out to Katie to see if she would donate a couple of headbands for me to give away on my blog.  She readily agreed, and even offered to give me two to try out for myself.

Katie and I met at a playground a few weeks later to talk about how she started BAMR Bands, and even went for a little walk on the nearby W&OD Trail.  As an added bonus, I got to meet her two little cutie-pie sons!


During our walk, I asked Katie lots of questions, took copious notes, and then couldn’t read my writing when trying to write up this post.  Katie was kind enough to answer my questions again when I sent them to her via email…

Deb:  When did you start BAMR Bands?
Katie:  In January 2013.

Deb:  How did you decide to start a headband business?
Katie:  Well, I had always been a headband lover, so when I became a ZOOMA Run race ambassador for Annapolis in 2013 and saw their charity program, I immediately knew how I would raise money: make my own headbands, sell them, and donate a % of proceeds from each headband to the charitable race program.

Deb:  That’s really cool.  Do you still have a charitable aspect to your company?
Katie:  Yes, I do!  The same organization that ZOOMA had partnered with in 2013, Every Mother Counts, is still the company  BAMR Bands donated to.  One dollar from every headband sold goes directly to EMC.

Deb:  How did you pick the name BAMR Bands?
Katie:  My husband actually came up with it! We were going for a drive and just talking about how I wanted to continue making headbands past my fundraisers and BAM! The name hit him. (Hi John! Thanks babe!) Later I came to find out that BAMR was already a runner term that some people at heard of!

Deb:  Where did you learn to sew?
Katie:  My mom taught me. I grew up watching her sew as a kid, so it was only natural for me to want to learn from her.

Deb:  How did you perfect BAMR Bands design to keep it from slipping?
Katie:  Since I was already a headband lover, I had my own arsenal of brands to try out, making it easy for me to realize what worked and didn’t work. I knew a velvet backing to the headbands was a must for BAMR Bands and tweaked the sizing for universal fit.

Deb:  With two little boys, how do you find time to make the headbands?
Katie:  I sew when they are napping, and use an assembly line process to be as efficient as possible. I also do “powers hour” on the weekend when my husband is home to have boy time and I have work time.

Deb:  How do you get team names written on the ribbon?
Katie:  I mock up the design or use a logo provided to me, and send it to my printer lady 🙂 It is a heat transfer process and she is awesome. Getting my own press to make my own designs on ribbon would be something to consider down the road, but for now, having this help makes the process more streamlined.

Deb:  What else makes BAMR Bands stand out from other headband brands?
Katie:  I use matching colored thread to make the headbands look more finished (many brands use a clear elastic thread that is more prone to breaking than the material of my thread). I also make sure the ribbon I select is a high quality grosgrain. If you know anything about ribbon, you KNOW there are quality differences haha.

Deb:  What groups have you designed headbands for?
Katie:  Cross country teams, MRTT chapters (including a chapter in Japan!) Skechers, Sweat Pink ambassadors, and Jamberry consultants. I even get small businesses that just want a few headbands with their logos for their employees. Those are fun to make, too.

Deb:  Do you have many individual customers?
Katie:  Yes, definitely! They’re the heart of my business! The last half of 2014 is when my group ordering really began to take off, so I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all the individual customers who place orders… And repeat orders!

Deb:  What else would you like to tell me about BAMR Bands?
Katie:  I will be launching (think: expansion) something new in the first quarter of 2015!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!!  I appreciate you taking the time to interview me Debbie!

Readers:  And what do you think of your BAMR Bands now that you’ve had a chance to try them?
Deb:  I love them!  They fit firmly, yet don’t give me a headache.  I’ve had no slippage, and they look great!  I can’t wait until the spring when I can ditch my ear-warmer headbands and start color-coordinating headbands to my outfits!

Here are just a few samples of BAMR Bands that Katie sells, or has sold in the past.  For a complete selection, be sure to check out her website!



Thank you, Katie, for sharing a little bit about your home-based business with my readers, and for your generous donation!

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Disclaimer:  I was given two free headbands to review as part of the giveaway.  All opinions of BAMR Bands are my own.

  • Questions:
  • What do you look for most in a headband?
  • Have you tried BAMR Bands?  If so, what is your favorite feature?
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