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“All You Need Is
And A Nice Long
~ Unknown


I feel like I’m a pretty good ambassador for running.  Non-runners might not get it, but they certainly understand my love for the sport and passion for spreading the love.  When I see people that I haven’t seen for a while, one of the first questions they’ll ask is if I’m still running.  They might not necessarily want the details of my latest races, but they are kind enough to ask if I’m still able to enjoy the sport I love.

It’s a lot easier to spread the love – any kind of love – these days than it was even ten years ago.  I used to just talk about running and host the occasional running seminar at the gym, but these days it’s easy to share from the comfort of my home.  Or the running trail.  Or the gym…  Sharing the love is as simple as having my iPhone handy.


So what are my suggestions for sharing the running love?

1.  Start a Running Group – I’ve been a part of an active running group since 2000, and even though my runners paid me to be their coach for the first six years, I eventually chose to stop coaching and make the group more social.  For the history of the Cruisers, and how we came to be, you can read more at My Team/Cruisers.

If starting a running group interests you, you can start from scratch, or go to running organization for information on how to start a chapter in your area.  Both Run Runners Clubs of America and Moms RUN This Town are two great places to start. Who knows, there might be a struggling group already formed that needs someone like you to breath some fresh air into it.

2.  Volunteer in Your Community – You can put as much time, or as little time as you want when you volunteer.  Offer to volunteer at races if your time is limited.  If you have more available time, volunteer as a coach at Girls on the Run or the local AAU track club.  You can be the head coach, an assistant, or someone behind the scenes.  We all have qualities that are greatly appreciated by these types of organizations. 

3.  Write a Running Blog – When Julie told me about some of the running blogs she read, I knew immediately that I wanted to start my own – and it took me about two seconds to come up with the name.  My license plate had previously been Deb Runs, and I knew it was time to resurrect the name.

I try to keep my blog fun with a combination of running tips, my own running shenanigans, training and coaching tips, weight management, and general healthy living information, all held together with a healthy dose of pictures. 

4.  Become Active on Social Media – If you don’t already have Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, set them up.  Have creative and interesting content, then share, share, share.  Remember that sharing the love goes two ways.  Interact with the running community, and follow other runners and running organizations.

5.  Start or Follow Running-Specific Online Groups – Even if you don’t have a blog, write up short race recaps and share on Facebook or Google+ running groups.  If you don’t see groups in your geographic area, or your area of interest, start your own.  Post about great new running accessories you’ve stumbled upon, or tell everyone about the running group you’ve just formed.  Others will appreciate the information, and come back for more.


Whatever avenue you choose for sharing your running love, be yourself and have fun.  Your love of the sport will be obvious, and contagious!


  • Questions:
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • How do you share the love?
  • Are you racing this weekend?