Last year I was out of town for Carter’s Run, but I introduced you to Carter and the event named after him when I interviewed Carter’s mom Lisa, my Moms RUN This Town friend. 

This year I didn’t run, but I did something even better; I volunteered with a group of my friends at our first ever MRTT water stop! You can bet we had a ton of fun and did a lot of goofing off!

Erin picked Vicki and me up around 7 AM for the short drive to the elementary school so we could check-in and confirm the location for setting up our tables.  After a quick hug, and wishing Lisa (Carter’s mom and race director) a happy birthday, we were off!

We got to our spot around 7:20, and really needed to hustle to get our tables set up in time for the 9 AM race start! 😀  Are we efficient or what?  We go by the motto:  the early bird catches the worm, and has more time for shenanigans!


And sparkly pictures!


On a side note, Erin was freaking out that Kathy would knock the table over while taking the picture!  Kathy kept backing up closer and closer to the table…


Once the cones were put down, we were able to move the tables out onto the street…


Practice our handoffs…


Take a picture of our fabulous crew…


And get photo-bombed by a grand-slam hitting young man while having a picture taken of the bloggers present!  Nate and his mom had to leave the water stop early to go to his baseball game and he hit a grand-slam!  Congrats, Nate!

You already know Erin and me, so I’d love to introduce you to our running buddy Michelle who writes The Fit Hipster, which chronicles her recover from her recent hip surgery.


Finally it was show time!  First by the water stop was a very speedy man way ahead of everyone else.  With twelve outstretched hands holding water cups to choose from, he grabbed a cup of water from Erin, and boy was she pumped.




Not too far behind was our MRTT friend Colleen who won the women’s 10K!


We loved being on the cheering side and encouraging our friends as they ran by! Next up after Colleen was Jen…


Then Misty and the twins….


Then Amanda pushing Sarah…


And some guy we didn’t know, but it’s a great water handoff action shot…


And then came the little girl in the tutu! There were so many cute children, but this little lady’s tutu made our day!


After all of the runners came through, we didn’t want to waste the water so I chugged the leftover 200 or so cups!


And then a bird pooped on my arm – but I hear that’s good luck.  Good luck for whom – me, or all of my friends who didn’t get pooped on?


Except for the bird poop, it was a fabulous day!


  • Questions:
  • Have you volunteered at a race? ~ This was my first time. Even though I was the race director of The Tortoise and The Hare 8K for six years, I was paid for my hours.
  • Have you ever been pooped on by a bird? ~ Today was my first time. 
  • Who raced today?