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Cautious – careful about avoiding danger or risk
~ Merriam-Webster


Cautious is one of those relative words…  Compared to my mom, I’m the biggest risk taker in the world.  Compared to many others, I’m a scaredy cat.

I’m sure that becoming more cautious has a lot to do with getting older.  I know that it takes longer to heal, and even though I feel very young at heart, I am realistic.   The last thing I need is a side-lining injury, and I don’t just mean side-lined from running.


  • There was a time I careened down trails on my motorcycle hitting bumps hard enough to get airborne.  Today my spin bike does just fine.
  • There was a time I stood high on a ladder leaning way to the side so I wouldn’t have to get down and move the ladder so often while painting the top of cathedral ceiling walls.  Today I get queasy just thinking about it.
  • There was a time I didn’t think twice about running along the side of the road during dark winter mornings without lights or reflective clothing.  Today I’m lit up like a Christmas tree, and keep most of my runs on a non-motorized trails.
  • There was a time I drove anywhere in any weather.  Today I question whether or not I really need to go out.  The same goes for running on slippery snow and ice.  Today I hit the treadmill if I have the least bit of doubt about the safety of the trail.
  • There was a time I let my body totally relax and glide down hills at a 6:00 pace.  Today I put the breaks on just enough to slow down so I’m not banging up my legs and forefeet so much.
  • There was a time I ran six days a week.  Today I’m nervous about the possibility of an overuse injury so I run three to four days per week.


I suspect we are all cautious at times, and for a variety of different reasons.  As I mentioned earlier, being cautious is a relative term…


Are you cautious?  About what sort of things?


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