Under gray skies and pretty close to perfect running temperatures, the Cruisers and I met this morning for our eighth annual Easter Bunny Hop. Even though I can’t always get the Cruisers out of bed early enough to meet me for regular Saturday morning runs, they’ll come if I promise to feed them! 

It’s an annual labor of love putting together the goodies, but since I originally thought I wouldn’t be available to make this year’s event happen, I threw goodies together last night with the same gusto that I threw the event together Wednesday night once my weekend opened up. This year’s baskets included bananas, chocolate milk, and jelly beans. As in previous years, I had Reester Bunnies as prizes for the youngest Cruisers, the Cruiser running the most races this year, and various other things I made up on the fly.

Photo credit: Susan

Photo credit: Susan

I took a quick GoPro (affiliate link) selfie and then handed out the goodies. With treats in hand, everyone sprinted to their cars to stash their stuff before we headed out for our run.


After comparing notes on distances and paces, we took off. And like the perpetual mother hen that I am, I turned to check and see if everyone was doing okay. 


When we started running, Bill took off for his 44-mile ride along the W&OD Trail gravel horse path. A Cruiser at heart, Bill didn’t want to miss the event even though his knee keeps him from being able to run much anymore.


The winner of the youngest Cruiser prize just happens to be quite the little runner. B hung with Amanda, Kim, and me for all five of our miles. We ran a 10:44 average pace and with about 200 yards to go, B sprinted to the finish!


So what’s next for the Crusiers? I’m hoping we can rejuvenate our Pancake Run during the early summer and then have a martini tasting party later in the summer. Like I said, if I feed them, they will come…


  • Questions:
  • What would you like to find in a running related Easter basket?
  • Do you like Reese’s candies? ~ I don’t because I don’t like the taste of the combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
  • Did you race today?


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