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A creation of the mind;

The act or power of forming a mental image of something
not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality
~ Merriam-Webster


Growing up on a farm out in the middle of the country, my imagination was my best friend. There were no other children to play with except for my brother who was four years older than me and had very different ideas about what was fun; well, except for when he challenged me to a race.  


When bored, my imagination stepped in to save the day. It took me by my little hand and together we learned to roller skate on a sidewalk that didn’t even exist. When I turned seven, it threw a fancy birthday party for me and invited all of my classmates who had a striking resemblance to my stuffed animals and dolls.

As I grew a little older my imagination offered up a banana seat bicycle with handlebar streamers flapping in the breeze to replace my sturdy, but boring basic bicycle. On that cute new bike, my imagination would join my friends and me as we rode without a care in the world to the drug store on the corner to buy a thick and creamy milkshake to cool us off after an afternoon of playing.

During my teen years while spending hours out in the hot hay field my mind was a million miles away. I imagined a life of sleeping until noon and waking just in time to join my friends for an afternoon of splashing in the pool while trying to catch the eye of the cute new boy who had just moved into town.

Perhaps it was my active imagination during my childhood that prepared me for maintaining my sanity during my early years of running solo. I trained for my first two marathons completely alone except for Wednesday afternoon track workouts with the guys. It was during those three-hour unaccompanied long runs on Saturday mornings that my old friend, Imagination, came back to join me. Together we covered many miles while designing new homes and vacationing on exotic islands. During one particularly memorable twenty-mile run we won the Olympic marathon! My imagination pushed me those last four hundred meters to the roar of a cheering crowd, which in reality sounded more like cicadas…


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