2018 didn’t find me toeing the line at as many races as most years, but you can bet that I had fun at the seven races I ran. The 5K’s were run with friends, but I traveled to run the half marathon and 25K. Even though I had my husband along as my own personal race photographer at both races, it was up to me to make new friends along the course.



5 5K’s
1 Half Marathon
1 25K
7 Total Races
1 Trail Race/6 Road Races
4 Age Group Wins
1 Age Group Second Place Finish
44.1 Racing
7:56:28 Spent Racing
10:48 Average Pace
Endless Fun




2018 New Day New Year 5K
The New Day New Year 5K just happened to be the first New Year’s Day race I’ve run. Despite extremely cold temperatures and fierce headwinds, my friends and I had fun at this well organized inaugural race. Receiving a blanket at the finish line was the perfect race swag for this cold race! The extreme cold prevented the race organizers from holding an awards ceremony so my 1st place age group award of a $15 gift certificate to an area restaurant was mailed to me.

  • 25:48 (8:19 pace) – 1st AG


2018 Fiesta 5K
I couldn’t think of a better way celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to run the Fiesta 5K with a group of friends – the race actually falling on May 5th made it all the better! The race has a party atmosphere both before and after the race, but unfortunately, margaritas are not served. I received a gift certificate to Potomac River Running for $20 for my 1st place age group win.

  • 27:18 (8:48 pace) – 1st AG


2018 Firecracker 5K
An annual favorite, I kicked off Independence Day by running the Firecracker 5K with my friends. The heat and humidity had upped its game providing for a challenging race, yet we made the most of it, and had a delightful time. Failure to push and (when I could have) put me in 5th place, just 39 seconds out of 3rd.

  • 29:04 (9:22 pace)


2018 Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving morning without running in the Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K (or 10K). This year marked the 25th anniversary of this popular family oriented event and our family was well represented as usual! I finished 1st in my age group, but my medal is still MIA. I eventually learned that it was given to the lady who won the next age group older than me and that’s why it wasn’t on hand when I stopped by the running store to pick it up the following week. The race director has ordered a replacement which is on the way.

  • 25:50 (8:20 pace) – 1st AG


2018 Run With Santa 5K
Each year the Run With Santa 5K is more like a party in Reston Town Center that just happens to have a race around its outer perimeter. The perfect start to the holiday season, many of my friends and I make this race an annual tradition and I even dress in a Christmasy outfit .

  • 28:14 (9:05 pace)


Half Marathons

2018 Grand Teton Half
Once I heard about the Grand Teton Half, it didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to create a racecation around this event! It proved to be a just as beautiful as promised, and views of the Grand Tetons during the race made up for the pain of the high altitude!

  • 2:10:07 (9:56 pace) – 2nd AG



2018 Hungry Mother 25K Trail Race
Bill and I traveled back to my hometown in Southwestern Virginia for the Hungry Mother 25K Trail Race – I ran, he played paparazzi. We both had a delightful time at this low key, but well organized race, and realized how much we both have miss trail running.

  • 3:30:07 (13:32 pace) – 1st AG


This look back at my 2018 year of racing has gotten me excited about 2019. I hadn’t planned to run a race on New Year’s Day, but who knows, perhaps I’ll join my friends after all…


  • Questions:
  • How did your racing year end?
  • How many races do you plan to run next year?
  • Are you running in a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day race?