2020 didn’t find me toeing the line at any races, but you can bet that I made the most of the four races I virtually walked or ran. All were local, in fact they were completed on my treadmill, on the circle in our little neighborhood, or on the trails within our community. You can’t get much more local than that!



3 5K’s
1 4-Miler
4 Total Races
4 Virtual Races
0 In-Person Races
3 Races While Injured
4 Local Races/0 Destination Races
2 Races Outside / 2 Races On My Treadmill
1 Age Group Win
13.3 Racing Miles
3:04:56 Spent Racing
13:54 Average Pace
Endless Fun


2020 Virtual Mother’s Day Four Miler

I registered for the Mother’s Day Four Miler for two reasons, I liked the shirt and I wanted to support local small businesses. Potomac River Running has always done a great job on the many races that they put on each year and it was a small way to show my support.

Still focusing on rehabbing from my late-December spinal injury, I had no choice but to walk the race and opted to stay inside on my treadmill. Registration came with a medal and even though I’d normally knock getting a participation medal for a 5K, I’m all for motivating people to get out and run when live races can’t be held.

How did I do? I set the treadmill at 4.0 to maintain a 15:00 minute/mile pace and for the most part left it there. I felt comfortable at that pace and didn’t feel like I was overdoing it, and when rehabbing from an injury that’s a win!

  • • 59:35 (14:54 pace)


2020 Virtual Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K

I won a free entry into the Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K from my blogging friend Darlene who also happened to be one of this year’s race ambassadors. Darlene, Kim, Cari and I decided to run the race together virtually. Still injured and not yet back to any running, I had no choice but to walk and opted to stay on the little circle in my immediate neighborhood.

The four of us had fun planning our purple outfits for post-race pictures to share and photoshop into high fives with each other. Obviously it wasn’t the same as an in-person race together, but it was the next best thing.

How did I do? My back felt great even at the faster walking pace and I call that a win!

  • • 44:54 (14:29 pace)


2020 Virtual Firecracker 5K

Having run the majority of my Firecracker 5K’s with my friend Erin, it only seemed appropriate that we do the race together. She was kind enough to walk with me even though she could have run it. We chose to walk on the shaded trails in our community with her son serving as the lead biker.

How did I do? My back had started spasming the night before after twisting it when I slipped while taking out the garbage and I could feel some residual pain when we started walking. Erin was kind enough to stay at a slower pace and my back felt fine.

  • •  50:34 (16:19 pace)


Virtual 2020 Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K

My turkey trot tradition continued, albeit virtually when I signed up for the 27th annual Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K. Although I’d planned to run the race on the race course with family, an exposure to an asymptomatic friend who tested positive for Covid-19 had me quarantining and running it alone on my treadmill.

How did I do? I decided not to push it and ran the race with a 1-minute walk break after every 5 minutes of running (the same intervals I’d been running as I made my way back to running exclusively). I felt great and was thrilled to finally run a race rather than have to walk it.

  • • 29:53 (9:38 pace) – 1st age group (of the runners who added their times to the results page of the race website)


Final Thoughts

This look back at my 2020 year of racing has brought the year into perspective. Who knows what 2021 will bring, but I hope I’m able to stay healthy and perhaps run a few live and in person races. Wouldn’t that be wonderful for all of us crazy runners?


  • • How did your racing year end? What was your live versus virtual ratio?
  • • How many races do you plan to run next year?
  • • Are you running in a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day race?