The Cruisers met at 7:30 AM on this gorgeous spring morning for our weekly group run.  We had a pretty good turn-out, and I’m hoping more of our fair-weather Cruisers will join us now that the weather is getting nicer.  🙂  We ran eight pretty fast miles, and I was really happy with how I felt during and after the run!


There was a biking event going on this morning called Paul’s Ride for Life, so the trail was really crowded.  There were bikers of all levels and distances (1/2-Century, 10-Milers, and 20-Milers) participating.  The early leaders were just heading past us as we started out on our run, but I didn’t stop to take a picture of them.  I didn’t even notice that this guy was wearing a VT bike jersey until I uploaded my pictures!  Really, I didn’t!


VT Biker

All of the bikers were quite friendly and very good about sharing the trail.  We talked to three older bikers that were resting at an overlook on the trail.  They told us that they were part of the Montgomery County Road Runners (a very large and active Maryland group).  One of the guys had both knees replaced a couple of years ago, and told us how he took up biking so he could continue his cardio workouts.  He said he could run, but didn’t want to wear his new knees out with all of the pounding.  One of the other bikers said that he liked biking, but it just wasn’t the same as running.  🙂


Biking on a gorgeous Saturday

We finished our run near one of the event’s aid stations where the riders could grab a drink, refuel, and get medical attention.  For more information about Paul’s Ride for Life, click here.


Paul’s Ride for Life

Bill and I just saw our favorite little Italian greyhound, Bella, a few minutes ago.  We ran down to our back yard to say hi to her and her mom.  Bella is a very sweet 10-year old little lady!



Congratulations to Julie, Kelly, and Becky on completing their first half-marathon today (actually Becky’s second)!!!  In the process, they raised money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation set up to fight childhood cancer.  Way to go, ladies!

  • Questions:
  • Is it an absolutely gorgeous spring day today where you live?
  • Do you cross-train by biking?
  • Have you ever run in a race for a charity?