Bill and I were treated to a Washington Nationals game today by our friends Ed and Karen.  You’ll soon learn that there’s a lot more to a Nats game then just baseball!


Sunshine before the game

I’d say our tickets were pretty good…   We were in the Diamond Club!


For some reason the song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” keeps playing in my head…


Buy me some peanuts…


And Cracker Jack…

Nothing says baseball like a brat and a beer!  By the way, this was NOT my plate!  It apparently belonged to someone who had not eaten meat for days and was majorly craving protein and fat!


Note the tiny “Curly W” on the plate

Yet again I made a rookie blogging mistake by woofing down my hotdog without taking a picture, so you’ll have to visualize what my hotdog with onions, mustard and ketchup looked like!


Where’s my chili?

A few years ago Screech went on a crash diet and lost a lot of weight; or was it that he outgrew his baby fat?



Oh yeah, in addition to eating, we watched a little baseball…


First pitch

You thought I only went to the game to eat and watch baseball, didn’t you?  Actually I went to watch the Presidents Race.  Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Taft race around the outer perimeter of the field during the fourth inning of every home game.  Last October Teddy finally broke a 525-race losing streak, and won the race.  It’s obvious he’s not a sprinter, but he is a distance runner.  Teddy completed the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon in full costume!  I ran the 2008 MCM…  I hope Teddy didn’t finish in front of me!


Taft tripped Teddy in today’s race


Washington won, with Lincoln a close second!

The other race I wanted to see was cancelled due to the rain.  Yep, it rained.


So what do you do during the rain if you don’t want to get wet?  You go back into the club house for a beer or a bite to eat!


Our Natties lost the game, but we had a great time hanging out with our friends, and meeting new friends!

Tomorrow I will start a two-part series recapping Beth’s Paris Marathon.  Stay tuned!

  • Questions:
  • Who’s your favorite MLB team?
  • Do you enjoy ballpark food?
  • Have you ever been beaten in a race by a mascot, clown, juggler, etc?