Last week I wrote I’ve Become a Lazy Runner, and set some long overdue goals for myself.


  1. Run forever
  2. Continue to work on my running form (huge improvement from last year)
  3. Become competitive in my age group at our local 5K’s
  4. Do a tempo run one day per week
  5. Run four to five days a week this summer
  6. Continue running socially at least two to three days per week
  7. Have fun and add in fartleks here and there

It’s a week later and I’m going to check-in.  I won’t bore you with this every week, but I will today.  😉

  1. Check – I’m still running!
  2. Check – My corrected form is finally becoming the norm, and I don’t need to make adjustments much anymore.
  3. We’ll see – I’m signed up for the Firecracker 5K for Thursday morning…
  4. Check – I did a tempo run last Monday morning and yesterday and truly enjoyed it!  Yesterday’s 3-mile tempo portion was at 25:43 and I was pretty happy with that time since I was running alone.  At the time, I wasn’t sure that I would be running in Thursday’s race, or I might not have done a tempo run…
  5. Sort of check – The only fartleks I did were running ahead to take pictures of the Cruisers running toward me for Saturday’s post!

My son found this video and showed it to me.  I hope he doesn’t want me to try this at the gym!  This guy has moves that I couldn’t master on a stationary floor, much less on a treadmill!

Since I have a Road ID giveaway going on, I though this would be the perfect time to show you this tweet that I saw last week!


After I retweeted it, I got the following tweet.  I think “#AthleteLove” really should be trending!


On our Sunday run, my BRF and I tried to get this snake to cooperate with us for a photo opp.  I must admit that it’s kind of funny to watch your running buddy herd a snake!  You can see her stick on the right side of the picture.  Perhaps if my blog title was DebSlithers he would have been more cooperative!


Later in our run we saw something that I’m sure many of you would prefer to see on your run.  Meet Coco!  Coco is the grand-dog of one of our running friends from many years ago.  She stopped running with us when she chose tennis over running…  The nerve!


Anyway, have you ever seen a cuter little guy?  I’m sorry Coco is blurry, but he really is a busy little fellow and he didn’t want to stay still for a picture; just like the snake.


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  • Questions:
  • Have you ever tried dancing on a treadmill?
  • Which would you rather see on a run, Coco or the snake?
  • Have you entered my Road ID giveaway?

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