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Yesterday was another very sad day for our running community. A local mom was hit by a car and killed while out on her morning run. She was doing something many of us have done every morning for years… We get up super early to get our run in before showering, waking the children, getting […]


Valentine’s Love

Love is buying your favorite chocolates for your Valentine, and then trading! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! And the winner of the $35 Road ID e-coupon giveaway is Sue Tate!  Sue, I will be contacting you via email to give your e-coupon number to you.   Congratulations! If you didn’t win, you can order your very own […]


The Calm Before The Storm

I headed out for my run a little earlier than usual this morning in hopes of catching a magnificent sunrise.  You know the saying, “Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.”  Well, I figured with the winter storm warning we are under that we would have a beautiful sunrise.  […]


To Celebrate The Olympics, I’ve Got Another Road ID Giveaway!

Last night we invited friends over to watch the Olympics (I didn’t realize that no actual competitions would be going on – oops), but we enjoyed catching up and watching the festivities.  We ordered pizza from our favorite local delivery place, and our friends brought a kale salad from Costco (with added pomegranate seeds), and […]


Running Safely on Country Roads

When I go out on a run I always wear my Road ID on my shoes and now that I have my new iPhone app, I’m as safe and identifiable as I can be, short of running with a body guard or Mace.  When I visit my parents I have beautiful country roads to run […]


Motivated to Run

For the last two months my friend/client Betty has volunteered at a local used book sale to benefit our county’s library foundation.  While working she came across this book and naturally thought of me.  I have absolutely no idea why!  😉  I have flipped through it and love that it is set up with a […]


The Ceremonial Switching of the Road ID

How appropriately that on the last day of my $35 Road ID e-coupon giveaway, Bill pulled out new Asics to wear on our run.  I was able to capture his ceremonial switching of his Road ID from his old shoes to his new shoes! Pull the Velcro strip apart and remove from the old shoes… […]


In Dog Miles, He Was Running Four Minute/Miles

Contrary to almost all of my other race photos, both of my feet are not planted firmly on the ground in this picture from Thursday’s Firecracker 5K; however, I’m looking at my watch just like in all other finish line photos of me.  All races in the =PR= Race Series have photographers out on the […]


We Paid How Much To Do That?

Remember my post It’s A Runner Thing on Wednesday?  Well, it got a little long and I didn’t get to post all of the crazy, strange, and funny things we runners are known to do, so I decided to finish it up today focusing on what we do at races! How many times have you […]


It’s A Runner Thing

We’re a quirky bunch, we runners…  We do odd little things and don’t think twice about it, yet our non-running friends think we’re nuts.  When I tell my friends something about a one of my runs and they don’t understand, I say, “Never mind, it’s a runner thing.”  So buckle your seat belts, sit back, […]


Treadmill Dancing and Snake Charming

Last week I wrote I’ve Become a Lazy Runner, and set some long overdue goals for myself. Run forever Continue to work on my running form (huge improvement from last year) Become competitive in my age group at our local 5K’s Do a tempo run one day per week Run four to five days a […]


Road ID Giveaway, It’s Like Christmas in July!

I am so excited to team up with Road ID to give away a $35 e-coupon to one of my lucky readers…  It’s like Christmas in July!  And guess what, Road ID was so generous that they gave me two $35 e-coupons!  That’s right, if you don’t win this e-coupon, you’ll have a chance to […]


Friday Favorites

1.  Favorite afternoon snack….  Avocado 2.  Favorite tweet I’ve received recently…  Thank you Bart for your vote of confidence, but you kicked my butt. 3.  Favorite new item that I pinned to Pinterest this week…   Be sure to pop over to Janine’s blog The Purple Giraffe and check out her detailed tips for staying […]

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