Happy Fourth of July!  We started our morning off with a BANG by running in the =PR= Potomac River Running Firecracker 5K.  They do things right, and today’s race didn’t disappoint!  The following quote is from the race web site:

This is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks and show your support to our local military members and their families by participating in the “Firecracker 5k for the Troops” race which benefits the USO of Metropolitan Washington.



Before I tell you about the race, can we please have a moment of silence?  I ordered these amazing shorts for Julie and me to wear today, and when they came they were waaaaaay too short, and I had to send them back.  It’s such a bummer, because we would have looked so classy running in them.



Let’s start this recap off with a look at the race swag.  Not only did we get a pretty cool Nike race shirt, but we got a beer glass, and commemorative pin.  After we crossed the finish line, we were given USO dog tags as our finisher’s medal.



Surely by now, you know that I have a thing about porta-potties…  We didn’t even have to worry about finding the race ones because we walked out of parking garage to this beauty!  AND there were no lines!  Hello!  Life is good!



The race started just down the street from the town center and finished right between the fountain and open-air pavilion.



Pre-race group photos are a must, and if you ever run a race with me, be prepared to smile for the camera a lot!



At packet pick-up, I was told that 2,500 people were expected to run in today’s race.  It was really cool to see such a great turn-out on a holiday morning!



The Potomac River Running photographer caught me just as I crossed the finish line, and of course I was looking down stopping my watch just like in all of my other finish line photos!



We found our friend and fellow Cruiser, Kim, after the race!  Notice that I am a bona fide member of the “Red Faced Runners Club!”  I ran hard, so I deserve the dubious honor!  I finished 7th in my age group with a time of 25:58 (8:23 minute/miles).  I was the 168th (out of 1,385 women) to cross the finish line.



A really fun band was playing in the open-air pavillion after the race.  During the winter this is an ice skating rink!  Bottles of water and Gatorade, bagels, fruit bars, bananas, granola bars, and cookies were on two long rows of tables for the runners after the race.



And here’s our mandatory post-race picture!  Wake up, Bill!



I saw this adorable young lady after the race, and asked if it would be okay for me to take a picture.  Later I saw other ladies dressed in very similar outfits, so I think they were part of a team.  Cruisers girls:  We have some work to do!  We have yet to dress up for a race.



I’ll wrap my recap up by offering you a beer in my new glass, and inviting you to sit back and enjoy the fireworks from last year on the National Mall in DC!  Happy Independence Day!!!



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  • Questions:
  • Who raced today?
  • Who’s going to a barbecue?
  • Will you get to see a fireworks display tonight?