Remember my post It’s A Runner Thing on Wednesday?  Well, it got a little long and I didn’t get to post all of the crazy, strange, and funny things we runners are known to do, so I decided to finish it up today focusing on what we do at races!

How many times have you gotten up much earlier than you wanted to on a Saturday or Sunday just so you could go run in a race; AFTER you spent $125 for that privilege!


And then you drove to a specified location to meet your other crazy runner friends at zero dark thirty so you could carpool to the race…


Once you get to the race, you’re like, “Yeah man, I’m wide awake and I can do anything!”

My crazy runner friend Jarian ran in the Warrior Dash 5K in northern Georgia last year.  I think this is the most “action packed” race photo I’ve ever seen.  Why does he look like this, and I always seem to have both feet firmly planted on the ground in all of my race pictures?


I bumped into Amy at a local race expo recently, which was great because we hadn’t seen each other in FOREVER!  In the picture below, she and her muddy friends from Mommy and Me Bootcamp had just finished a Warrior Dash in Mechanicsville, MD.  Appropriately, they named their team the “Dirty Little Freaks!”  Be sure to pop over to Amy’s blog Twingles Mom when you get a chance!  You’ll be glad you did!


This next photo comes all of the way from down under!  It was taken after The Color Run 5k in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Deb Runs reader Wendy (on the far right) and her friends seem to have enjoyed this colorful run!


A little bit closer to home, my friend Karan and her daughter Melani ran in a color run at National Harbor, just across the Potomac river from DC.  This trendy run is definitely on my race bucket list!


Last year before our local Turkey Trot, Julie told her brother that she would buy him a turkey costume if he would wear it in the race, and he agreed!  After the race, I posted group pictures on Facebook and my friends commented that they didn’t see me, but they had seen the turkey!  He was quite the hit!


And of course how could I talk about crazy runner things without mentioning our very own music man, Mr. Incredible.  If you’re new to Deb Runs, be sure to check out his story and how he became associated with the Rock ‘N’ Roll race series in my post That’s Mr. Incredible, To You!


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  • Questions:
  • What was your most unusual race?
  • What’s the earliest you’ve had to get up to go to a race?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on a race course?