Bill got totally spoiled this morning when I made him a hot breakfast.  This just goes to show that miracles do happen!  Don’t get used to it, Babe!  😉


And later today at the grocery store I bought him this surprise!  When we were first married and lived in Utah, we couldn’t find Entenmann’s in the grocery stores.  When Bill’s sister heard that, she mailed him a crumb cake!


Wednesdays are my late day and I see clients until 8:15 PM, so for dinner I have to plan something quick and easy (or resort to carry-out).  This afternoon I prepped stuff for a southwest salad with mesquite smoked chicken.  As soon as my last client left I threw it all together and voila!  I started with a bed of spinach, added mesquite smoked (seasoning) chicken, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, scallions, shredded cheese, and a few Santa Fe style tortilla strips; with pineapple on the side.   I added a little ranch dressing to mine, and Bill used olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


I love Costco… usually.  On Friday I made my Costco run and bought a frozen yogurt just before I left.  Once I ate a little off the top, I noticed a big gaping hole inside.  They short changed me on my froyo!  I debated on going back inside and demanding a refill or things would get ugly, but didn’t.


One night last week (probably Wednesday), I was in a rush to make dinner so I decided to make omelets.  I tossed onions, asparagus and mushrooms in a little olive oil until they were slightly soft.


Once I made the egg part of the omelet, I added huge amounts of the above veggies, grape tomatoes, spinach, and of course freshly ground black pepper.  Oh. My. Goodness.


Changing gears just a bit, I saw Wookie on the trail twice last week.  This picture was taken on Friday toward the end of my run.  I slowed to a walk and talked to Wookie’s friend, John.  He told me that they have six horses and invited me to stop by sometime.  They offer horseback riding lessons on their farm, and I think he was surprised to find out that I grew up on a dairy farm.  I walked along side of John and Wookie for about a quarter mile before I continued my run.


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  • Questions:
  • Should I have gone back into Costco and demanded a refill of froyo?
  • Have you ever gone horseback riding?
  • Have you entered for a chance to win an Original SPIbelt??