I’m having a little bit of work done in my home gym so it’s a bit of a mess for the next month or so.  Don’t worry, you’ll get before-and-after pictures once it’s done.  Anyway, luckily for me the weather has been gorgeous here this week, so I’ve been taking my clients out to the back yard for boot camp workouts.

BootCampThis morning after about 45 minutes with one of my clients, she started feeling nauseous, and I believe her words were something like, “After two weeks of me slacking on vacation, you have me doing THIS?”  I gave her the option of staying outside or going inside to finish up with some floor exercises, but reminded her that the contractors were still in the basement, and asked if they would make her uncomfortable.  She said, “I’d rather go back inside and workout naked in front of the guys, than finish this brutal workout.”  I’ll take that as an “I’m doing my job!”

NakedPlankLet’s back up a little to my early morning run.  The weather was cool and delightful and the animals seemed to be out in full force!  I saw rabbits, squirrels, a momma deer and her two fawns, a fox, and my favorite Italian greyhound!  Bella is pretty much impossible to photograph because she moves around so quickly.  Even though she knows me, she barks like crazy when I run by.  If I walk by her, she’s fine.  Bella’s mom described Bella as a frustrated runner since she never gets to run!  I think I’ll volunteer to take her for a little quarter mile run next time!

BellaHarnessBy now you guys have got to know how much I love seeing surprises from Mother Nature when I’m on a run.  I’ve been seeing these huge lichens on this tree for a few weeks when I’m out running with a client.  Today I was alone so I was able to take a quick picture.  I wish that I’d thought to put my foot next to them so you could tell how big they are.  Each one is about the size of both of my feet side-by-side.  There are four of them (one is hidden on the far side).  Aren’t they crazy?


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