I’ll admit it, I was a wimp!  After trying to find a time that the Cruisers could meet to run yesterday morning without freezing our behinds off and breaking our necks on the ice, I canceled our run. Friday evening I started feeling icky and that made it even easier to cancel…

I woke up Saturday feeling fine, so I decided to go out for a run around noon when the temps had climbed to a balmy 20 degrees.  Bill was at work, and most of the available Cruisers had needed to run before 9 AM, so I emailed Becky, our newest Cruiser, to see if she’d run yet.   She was just putting her running shoes on and said that she would be right over!

I met Becky through Julie, and even though I’d run with her once before at the Virginia Tech 3.2-Mile Run in Remembrance, this would be her first Cruiser run.  Since Becky is a blogger this actually counted as a meet-up run for me and therefore counted toward goal #5!  It’s my blog and I can stretch the rules as needed!

Becky and I met for five miles together on the W&OD Trail, and then after she left I tackled another five miles alone.  Becky was scheduled to run ten miles today with another friend, but right now we have freezing rain, so I hope she got it in before it started.  Freezing rain is not something I mess with!


Because the trail was mostly snow and ice covered, I brought my YakTrax and SnowTrax for us to wear.  Becky wore the SnowTrax…



And I wore my trusty YakTrax…  I’ve worn my YakTrax for years and they’ve served me well.  One of the rubber straps has been broken since I wore them one time on the trail when a lot of the snow melted and the pavement was exposed.  During our run, the other strap broke and as you can see the toe tab slipped up across the top of my foot.


Even though the two front straps were broken, I couldn’t tell any difference in the traction and they still felt comfortable.  I’m still going to replace them though, and I’ll be more careful with my next pair about not wearing them on bare pavement; although that can be difficult.  Sometimes the shaded portions of the trail are snow or ice covered and still very slippery, but the rest of the trail is clear.


After a hard workout in the cold and snow, I was craving something warm and filling for dinner.  I decided to make chili and serve it chili bar style.  It was yummy!


We are Redskins and Ravens fans so our teams are done for the season, but of course we still enjoy watching the games.  Even though I had no skin in the game last night and didn’t care who won, I was happy that our very own Hokie, Shane Graham, kicked the winning field goal for the Saints!  It kind of made up for Virginia Tech’s abysmal bowl game performance.  Sort of…  Not really!

  • Questions:
  • What’s your cold weather threshold?
  • Have you ever tried YakTrax or SnowTrax?
  • Do you still have a team in the playoffs?