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New Cruiser And Avoiding A Cold Run!

I’ll admit it, I was a wimp!  After trying to find a time that the Cruisers could meet to run yesterday morning without freezing our behinds off and breaking our necks on the ice, I canceled our run. Friday evening I started feeling icky and that made it even easier to cancel… I woke up […]


Cruisers’ Road Trip… The 2010 BAA 5K

At the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon, three Cruisers qualified for Boston:  Alan, Candy, and I.  Alan and Candy flew to Boston, but I rode in the first ever “Cruisers Road Trip” with fellow Cruisers Jerome, Chuck, and Sal.  The following is part one of an excerpt of my recap that I wrote when we got […]


Starting Or Finding A Running Group

Yesterday I talked about how my running group got started, and I promised that today I would talk about finding a group. But first, I want to talk about the benefits of being in a running group.   Benefits of running with a group: Knowing others are waiting for you, keeps you accountable! It’s safer […]


Running With Friends, Lots of Friends

I am a very lucky girl! I have a great network of running friends, and I can almost always find someone to go for a run with me if I plan ahead. Many in my running group have been together since 2000, so needless to say, we have become a great group of friends! We’ve […]


Running Vs. My Warm Bed

I actually woke up hoping that it was raining so I could stay snuggled under my warm covers and sleep a little longer. When I didn’t hear any rain drops hitting our sky lights, I got up and checked the weather forecast. 33 degrees with an 81 percent chance of rain… And that, right there […]

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