This morning I was fortunate enough to join two different running groups for my weekly Saturday morning run.  Meg, however; was not able to join the Richmond Road Runners this morning for her Boston Marathon training run.  Sadly, she was tragically killed by a drunk driver on Monday morning while out on her run…


The running community once again quickly came together and created #megsmiles.  Word spread across the internet to dedicate today’s miles to Meg.  If you ran and would like to add your miles, you can go to Meg’s Miles and add them there, or simply tweet your miles with #megsmiles.


I woke up at 5:15 to find my car entombed in a layer of crusty snow, however; the roads looked clear so I knew that it was “game on” for my first run with the local Moms Run This Town group.  Cruiser Beth and I arrived at our usual Saturday morning meeting place an hour earlier than usual so we could run for the first time with this awesome group of ladies.  Our plan was to run five miles with them before meeting the Cruisers back at the parking lot at 7:30.  We got out of our cars onto a gritty icy slippery mess; oh, and did I mention that it was pitch black and only 28 degrees with a 17 degree windchill?  We ran on the snow covered horse trail where the traction was much better, but quickly found ourselves running straight into a fierce headwind.

My hands were so cold (I even had mittens on over my gloves) that I had trouble turning my camera on and snapping the shutter, much less being able to turn the flash on.  I tried several “fartlek photos,” but between it being so cold and still so dark, this is the best shot I got of the ladies running toward me.  For new readers to my blog: my definition of a “fartlek photo” is when I sprint ahead so I can turn around to take a picture of my running friends or when I lag behind taking a picture and then have to sprint ahead to rejoin the group.


At our turn-around point, I managed to turn the flash on and get this great picture of Beth with two of our new MRTT friends.


As these fabulous moms finished five miles, we got a quick group picture before several of us joined the Cruisers for an additional seven to eight miles…


Moms Run This Town

The Cruisers were raring to go, but paused long enough for a quick picture…



And before we all went our separate ways, we got a picture of both groups together.  I estimate that our combined groups ran just over 100 miles for Meg this morning!


Everyone (minus Bill, the photographer)!

1 Timothy 4:8
For while bodily training is of some value,
godliness is of value in every way,
as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.


  • Questions:
  • Did you run any miles for Meg today?
  • Do you run with a running group?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?