Pre-run photos are getting harder to take now that it’s staying dark later in the mornings, especially since our MRTT running group starts at zero dark thirty most mornings.  Since we run so many different distances on Saturday mornings, taking a large group picture at the end of our run in out of the question.  We were able to get this picture using an iPhone flashlight and iPhone camera flash.  Not bad for large group shot, but we’re missing the photographer and her flashlight-holding assistant.


Once on the trail, we eased into groups based on our individual paces, and I ran with this lovely group of ladies.  Two were brand new to our group, and we chatted as we ran along.  Conversations flowed from jobs, to children, to upcoming races.  When I said that I’d be running the Hokie Half Marathon next weekend, one of the girls asked if I’d gone to Virginia Tech.  When I said yes, she asked when I’d graduated.  Keep in mind that it was completely dark when we started running, and the sun had only started to rise after she stepped into stride behind me.  When I answered that I’d graduated in 1979 (probably before she was born), she was quite shocked.  I took that as the ultimate compliment!


Several of us are running either the Army Ten-Miler or the Hokie Half next weekend, so we kept our run to eight miles.  After we turned around, we saw these fine ladies from the Vienna/Oakton chapter.  They were running 20-miles, and headed our way toward the more rural section of the W&OD Trail.


Today was the first day in four weeks that I was home on a Saturday morning, so immediately after my run, I rushed home to shower and watch ESPN GameDay.  Katie Perry was a guest on the panel and didn’t disappoint!  She chose her picks for Saturday Selections based on team uniform colors, which team had the cuter quarterback, and how much she liked the mascot (much like I do).  AND, she was the only one to correctly pick an Old Miss upset over Alabama.  I don’t think Lee Corso will ever be the same after hanging out with her this morning!


This afternoon Bill and I watched our Hokies play.  I was so happy that it was an away game and we could relax in our basement and watch the game!  Fat Bastard sat right outside our basement window about three feet away, and begged to come inside and watch.  If we were the Virginia Tech Gophers (close enough to a groundhog), I would have let him in.


After the game, and while feeling quite domestic, I decided that we desperately needed homemade cupcakes for dessert tonight!  I obviously made the frosting too thin, and that my friends, is why I’ll stick with blogging about running, and not baking!



  • Questions:
  • Are you a Katy Perry fan? ~ I love her goofy sense of humor!
  • What was the last thing you baked?
  • Who raced today or is racing tomorrow?