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A very noisy and confused situation;
A situation in which many people are upset and angry about something
~ Merriam-Webster


While writing this post in my head last week during a run, I envisioned talking about next year’s big sixtieth birthday celebration and the ensuing fun-filled hullabaloo. Having looked up the definition, I’m not so sure that’s what I want! 

I suppose I could picture a wild and raucous crowd upset and angry that their incredibly young-seeming friend is turing sixty; but wait, shouldn’t that be me upset about turning sixty? I couldn’t wait to turn forty, I was thrilled to turn fifty, but I’m not quite so sure I’m all that excited about turning sixty even though I’ll be moving into a new age group.

My plans for my sixtieth birthday celebration 362 days from now include running sixty miles – with a little help from my friends. Get ready friends; ten friends means running only six miles each!

If a hullabaloo should ensue, it will probably be the result of…

  • Only one other friend turns up for our sixty-mile run and we each have to run 30 miles leaving that friend angry and pitching a fit
  • Fifty-nine friends join me and get upset when they only get to run one mile
  • Someone steals the orthotics out of our shoes and we have to run on our fallen, unsupported arches
  • Someone replaces the orange Gatorade with Metamucil and there’s a mad dash of runners trying to fight their way into two porta potties
  • Post run refreshments consist of prunes, jello, and fruit cocktail
  • Someone hires the Chippendale dancers to come dance at our post-run festivities and because of my age, they send their retired auxiliary dancers who cause us to cringe and throw things when they rip off their shirts


What hullabaloos do you see popping up in you life in the next few months?


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