Happy National Hug A Runner Day! Whether we’ve covered miles together on the trail, or have just sent virtual hugs each others way before a big race or after a devastating injury, I’m including you in my circle of running friends and sending a hug your way! xoxo

There are, of course, running friends who deserve a special recognition and hug today…

Susan, this hug’s for you! You’ve been my longest running friend and probably know me better than anyone else, and if your knees still let you run and you still lived around the corner, I’m sure we’d be covering our neighborhood trails with chatty miles at least twice a week! xoxo 


Beth, this hug’s for you! You and I have undoubtedly covered more miles and run more marathons together than anyone else. Yes, I’m stalking your Philly Marathon results as I type and see that you’ve passed the 30K point. Run, Beth, run! You’ve got this! xoxo 


Amanda, this hug’s for you! You went from training for your first marathon totally alone to joining the Cruisers. From there you took the reins of a struggling MRTT chapter and have brought it to 1,151 members strong! The influence you’ve had in the running community is amazing! xoxo


Jessica, this hug’s for you! Your daughter captured why I do what I do with a single snap of her camera shutter. Your determination for training for and running your first 5K shows what one can do when they put their mind to it. You represent so many other runners I’ve worked with and you make my job fun! xoxo


Jerome, this hug’s for you! Thank you for being the rabbit just ahead of me in so many of my races. The joy I felt after running a half marathon PR is clear in the photo below, but the joy and encouragement I hear in your voice as you cheer me across the finish line is what makes me push as hard as I can even though I want to pass out! xoxo


Erin, this hug’s for you! Without a doubt you’ve brought out a fun side of me that was just waiting for all those shenanigans! I have loved every single mile we’ve run and raced together and look forward to many more! xoxo 


Joseph and Daniel, this hug’s for you! From riding your bikes and scooters along side of me when I needed to go for a run and your dad wasn’t home, to coming to cheer for me at marathons when you could have been home playing with friends, you supported your mom’s crazy running habit when you were little. As adults, it’s been a pleasure watching you both become runners. Joseph, I loved running many miles along side of you as you completed your first 45-mile ultra; and Daniel, it was a pleasure joining you for your first half marathon and then being teammates for Ragnar DC. xoxo

Thank you both also, for bringing beautiful running girls into our family. Julie, you’ve added fun to our Thanksgiving morning race by making it a costumed event! Jess, I’ve been stalking your Philly Marathon results all morning and see that you just finished. Congrats on your 3:58:50 marathon and huge PR! 


Babe, this hug’s for you! What can I say? You supported me early on when I needed to log training miles by watching the boys. You brought the kids to cheer me on at marathons, and you even let me take off for overnight trips with my guy running friends for multiple marathons and even an ultra. You stayed home and held down the fort until the day you caught the running bug and became my favorite running buddy! xoxo


My new Fitbit died yesterday during my run (I’m not giving it a hug) so it didn’t record my steps as I continuing to winterize putting all of our patio furniture away, cutting back frost-bitten plants, and battening down the deck before the big wind and sleet storm came through. Here’s how this past week of working out went down – with a few missed steps… 



Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Who’s your favorite runner? Have you hugged that runner today?
  • Who has logged the most miles with you?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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