After getting inquiries on how I take the running pictures I post to Instagram and use in my blog, I started a five-post series on taking quality running photos. Today’s tip will include suggestions for creating colorful running pictures. In case you missed the two previous posts or would like a refresher, please check out the following links:


Creating colorful running pictures isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when taking pictures during the dreary winter months or burned out late summer. Try incorporating my four tips below to add a little color to your running photos…


1. Use color from nature – Seek out new green grass or tree buds in the spring, blooming flowers in the summer, changing leaves in the fall, and low sun reflections in the winter, etc.

Spring blooming tree


Summer wildflowers


Fall changing leaves


Winter snow


2. Coordinate bright clothing when shooting multiple runners; or, just depend on dumb luck!


3. Find a signature article of clothing like crazy socks or bright shoes. My friend Mary moved to Colorado, but I stay in touch with her through Instagram and now can’t think about her without thinking of her bright socks.


4. Be playful with colors – Coordinate what you’re wearing with your background…


Or let one article of your clothing be the only bit of color in your picture.


Now that I’ve given you some ideas, grab your phone or your GoPro (affiliate link) and go shoot some color!


  • Questions:
  • Do you take pictures while out on your runs?
  • What is your favorite camera to use?
  • How do you use color in your photography?


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