Last week I shared a picture of my runner girl decal (affiliate link) Bill had gotten me and several people asked where he’d found it. Bill ordered it from Amazon and it’s only $2.98 with free shipping (marked down from last week’s price of $4.49)!


As I’ve recovered from my Grand Teton Half, I’ve taken a little more time off from running than I usually do after a race. The first week after the race we were still on vacation and doing a lot of hiking, exploring, and biking in southern Utah so I took advantage of being active while allowing my running muscles to rest. The following week I ran three days, but the many hours sitting in our rental car covering over 1,600 miles the previous week did a number on my back, and running brought out some sciatic nerve pain and numbness. As a result, I decided to take this past week completely off from running.

I lifted three days, did yoga four times, and worked on my core like a boss. My body thanks me.


That being said, I sat in a car for about seven hours on Friday afternoon as we drove to visit my mom. We drove mostly in rain and had to slow or stop multiple times due to accidents and that added a couple of hours to our drive. The later than expected arrival time treated us to this beautiful sunset as we crested the mountain separating the interstate from the valley I grew up in…


We’re on our way home as I type, and fortunately, Weather Bug is showing clear skies all the way up the New River Valley and the Shenandoah Valley. 😎 Edited to add: About two hours from home we got into rain and severe thunder storm warnings, and very slow traffic. Sigh…

Here’s to a happy spine when I get home and regularly scheduled runs this coming week!


In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


Looking ahead to this coming week…

  • Monday – Please feel free to join me for Race Linkup and let your friends know which races they can find you running in the next few months.
  • Tuesday – Review of the bed and breakfast where we stayed for the Grand Teton Half
  • Thursday – I hope to post my recap our Phelps Lake hike the afternoon of the Grand Teton Half where we met CL.


In addition to the exercise I mentioned above, here’s a complete run-down of my workouts from this past week (completed mostly in our home gym)…


  • Questions:
  • How much time do you take off after a race? 
  • What’s your favorite core exercise? ~ Mine is definitely planking!
  • Did you race this weekend?


And that’s a wrap… Have a great week!


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