As the year draws to an end, it’s time to reflect back on 2023 and my year of running, something I’ve been doing as the year dwindles to an end each year since 2013. For whatever reason I can’t find my 2015 post so I can only assume that it’s been sucked into the great abyss of the internet.


Best Race Experience

Having run only one race in 2023, I guess I have no choice but to pick the Turkey Dash Charlotte 4-Miler as my best race experience. It was the second time running this well organized event and I ran it with my son, daughter-in-law, and her family. Even though I didn’t run my best race, I ran a good race when measured against my training effort.

As a bonus, my d-i-l had finished first and was on the right side of the chute and got this great picture of me sprinting toward the finish line.


Best Run

After overdoing it with a 5-mile run with a friend, I skipped a couple of weeks of running and then eased back in slowly. On this particular warm February day, my run felt easy and comfortable, just like it should and left my heart quite happy.


Best New Piece of Running Gear

Other than replacing running shoes, I can only think of one new piece of running gear I purchased in 2023 and that was clip-on lights (affiliate link). They work great and I usually clip one on my front and one on my back so I can be seen while out on my early morning runs.


Best Running Advice You’ve Received this Year

There was no new running advice given this year, but my best move was continuing to adhere to advice I gave myself two years ago. I knew if I wanted to be able to run for many more years, I needed to stick to short runs of three to four miles while running only a couple of times per week.

As with the previous year, I focused more on cycling and got my long-distance cardio fix in by spending time in the saddle and not pounding my joints. Cycling has become the perfect compliment to my shorter and less-frequent runs and I’ve learned to love the sport immensely.


Most Inspirational Runner

I was late to the Ali on the Run podcast, but started listening to it this year and enjoy her lighthearted approach to interviews, great sense of humor, and vast knowledge of the sport. As a young mother, her fierce battle toward beating breast cancer this year has been nothing short of inspirational.


Favorite Picture from a Run or Race this Year  

While visiting the farm I ran on the country gravel and paved roads, carrying along my GoPro (affiliate link). In the particular section I set the camera low for a fun angle.



Race Experience You Would Repeat in a Heartbeat

Since I only ran in one race in 2023, Turkey Dash Charlotte gets my vote. LOL


If You Could Sum up Your Year in a Couple of Words what Would They Be?

Last years words can’t be beat so I’ll have to use the same words, “Cross training pays off!” 2023 found me continuing to do a tremendous amount of cross training with strength training, cycling, and walking. Running felt good, but only because I didn’t overdo it. By adding cycling into my cardio mix, I was able to enjoy pushing my physical limits without the unnecessary pounding running puts on my spine.


  • • Focusing just on fitness and meeting your fitness goals, how was your 2023? ~ Fantastic!
  • • If you’re a runner, what was your favorite run or race? ~ See above
  • • Have you planned your 2024 racing calendar? If so, which race are you most looking forward to running? ~ Other than possibly doing a New Year’s Day race and next year’s turkey trot, there are no races that I’m absolutely certain I’ll do.


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