As the year draws to an end, it’s time to reflect back on 2022 and my year of running, something I’ve been doing as the year dwindles to an end each year since 2014. For whatever reason I can’t find my 2015 post so I can only assume that it’s been sucked into the great abyss of the internet.


Best race experience:  Having run only two races in 2022, it’s hard to pick one race over the other because they were both fun, well-run races. I ran strong races and won my age group in both; however, the Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving Day 5K is more like a friends reunion before, during, and after the race so hands down, it gets the top honor.


Best run:  Honestly, no one run stands out as a best run, but this run at the farm in late September on a crisp fall day with low humidity stands out as an enjoyable run. The only negative was that I had to go out later in the day after taking my mom’s cat to the vet and by then the temperature had risen from 49° to 71°, not my preferred temperature or time to run, but I made the most of it and had a great run.


Best new piece of running gear:  I can only think of one new piece of running gear purchased in 2022, replacement Altra Escalante running shoes (affiliate link). As I’ve gotten older, my feet have become more finicky and it’s hard to find running shoes that don’t hurt the arthritic bone at the base of my big toe (Hallux rigidus). With a larger toe box, the Altra make my feet happy and I’m glad I stumbled upon them last year.


Best running advice you’ve received this year:  There was no new running advice given this year, but my best move was continuing to adhere to advice I gave myself the previous year. I knew if I wanted to be able to run into my golden years, I needed to stick to short runs of three to five miles while only running two to three times per week.

As with the previous year, I focused more on cycling and got my long-distance cardio fix in by spending time in the saddle while not pounding my joints. Cycling has become the perfect compliment to my shorter and less-frequent runs.


Most inspirational runner: Local favorite Keira D’Amato inspired me most this year. Having worked for our local running store, Potomac River Running, she was featured frequently on their Instagram feed. After being sidelined from running for a few years after an ankle injury and surgery, Keira took a break and didn’t return to running until after the birth of her two children. Not only did she return, but she returned with gusto breaking Deena Kastor’s American marathon record at the 2022 Houston Marathon with a time of 2:19:12.

When Keira isn’t running, she can be found inspiring other runners at her very own independent Potomac River Running Store in Midlothian, Virginia.


Favorite picture from a run or race this year:  While at the farm celebrating Christmas with my mom, our sons, and their families, my husband went out for a walk while I ran. When we saw each other along the gravel road near the farm, he took this great picture of me running along the stream. I like its angle, being taken from above, the movement, and that it was taken in one of my favorite places.


Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: I’ve already mentioned that the best race experience was running in the turkey trot so it goes without saying that I’d like to repeat it. Taking it down to something more specific, I would add that winning my age group would be something I’d repeat in a heartbeat. 😉


If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Cross training pays off!

2022 found me doing lots of cross training with strength training, cycling, and walking. Running felt good, but only because I didn’t overdo it. By adding cycling into my cardio mix, I was able to enjoy pushing my physical limits without the unnecessary pounding running puts on my spine.



  • • Focusing just on fitness and meeting your fitness goals, how was your 2022? ~ Can’t complain!
  • • If you’re a runner, what was your favorite run or race? ~ See above
  • • Have you planned your 2023 racing calendar? If so, which race are you most looking forward to running? ~ Other than next year’s turkey trot, there are no races that I’m absolutely certain I’ll do. Time will tell if a bike ride with friends might take precedent over a race staple.


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