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Top Ten Tuesday

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday for a while so I thought I’d share some things with you today.  These are just random things that I’ve seen recently that made me smile! Joseph shared this Guinness commercial with us last week.  Since then I’ve seen it circulating on Facebook and saw it on Monday […]


Top Ten Reasons to Follow a Runner’s Blog

TOP TEN REASONS TO FOLLOW A RUNNER’S BLOG: 10.  To learn how to raise chickens… 9.  To experience bungee jumping without really having to jump… 8.  To read about addictive shopping for children’s clothing and shoes… 7.  To follow a day in the life of a busy soccer mom… 6.  To learn how to make […]


Top Ten Reasons Not to Ask a Runner How Their Long Run Went

Top ten reasons not to ask a runner how their long run went: 10. There’s got to be something better you can do with that hour you’re going to lose. 9.  Seeing black toenails grosses you out. 8.  You’d rather not have them show you how they can no longer touch their toes. 7.  If […]

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