I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday for a while so I thought I’d share some things with you today.  These are just random things that I’ve seen recently that made me smile!

Joseph shared this Guinness commercial with us last week.  Since then I’ve seen it circulating on Facebook and saw it on Monday Night Football last night.  I want everyone of these guys to know that they are invited to run or roll with the Cruisers any time they want. These guys are a class act!

Daniel texted this picture to me last week.  Can I just say that I always want to be as happy as this cow is, and I wish that I had one of these on my deck to wash the salt, sweat, and grim off of me after a run!


While running today at 11 AM in the heat and humidity, I passed a young man wearing jeans and carrying a CVS bag.  A little later he started running, caught up, and passed me.  As he ran past, our conversation went something like this:
Young Man:  I thought it would be a lot faster to get home by running.
Me:  I can’t believe I’m getting passed by someone wearing jeans.
Young Man:  I used to run 80 miles a week in high school when I ran cross country.  I just graduated from college.
Me:  Where did you go to school?
Young Man:  The University of Richmond, ma’am. Have a great day, ma’am.  It’s my bedtime.

And with that he sprinted off…

Saturday morning as we were leaving our friends’ apartment for the game, their dog Chloe stood in the window giving us her most pitiful look.  I think she knew that she would be missing tequila shots!


I saw these at 7-Eleven Sunday on our way home from Blacksburg.  Doesn’t everyone need a pickle in a bag?


The heat and humidity left for a week or so and my runs showed it!  Below are my Run Keeper splits from two runs.  The one on the left was on August 30 on a hot and humid day, and the one of the right was yesterday.  The time stamp at the top of the photo is when I did the screen shot, not what time I ran.  The course was identical for the first six miles.  Green denotes my fastest mile and red is my slowest mile.


6.03 miles at 10:22 min/mile pace


6.21 miles at 9:16 min/mile pace






This pretty much sums up why I run!  Just kidding… sort of.

Don’t you just love Pinterest for finding useless things funny stuff?

Bill sent this little eCard to me last fall, and one of my friends sent it to me this morning.  I smile every time I see it!


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