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Five Cold Weather Running Tips

  I’ve written about dressing for different types of weather (Flat Runner Guide To Dressing For Your Run), but I haven’t written specifically about tips for running in cold weather until now.   1. Dress For Once You’re Warmed Up – I see this more than any other mistake runners make.  You should always dress […]


Feetures Socks Winner!

Congratulations to Sue from This Mama Runs for Cupcakes for winning three pairs of Feetures socks from my most recent giveaway!  I suggest asking Sue for assistance when picking the numbers in your next lottery ticket purchase, because Sue also won a Road ID from my February giveaway! Sue’s on a roll! Thank you Feetures […]


Sharing The Feetures Socks Love!

As my running friends and Instagram followers know, I love my Feetures socks!  From the very first time I tried on a pair, they have become my absolute favorite for running and everyday wear.  The woven arch support on my Elites makes my feet feel fabulous, and since I’m on my feet while working, my […]


Friday Favorites And Feetures Socks Winner

Today’s post is a conglomeration of totally random stuff; some funny, some inspirational, and one thing that will be very exciting for one person…  Nothing ties together, so don’t expect any great transition sentences from paragraph to paragraph! One of my clients posted this on my Facebook… And speaking of Facebook, my FB friends know […]


RRCA Coaching Certification:  Here I Come!

Even though I hadn’t gotten an email notification, last week I instinctively decided to look on the Road Runners Club of America site to see if any coaching certification courses were coming my way.  I’ve been trying for what seems like forever to get in a class, but every time I heard about one, it […]


Favorite Running Gear And Products

I’ve decided to be one of the cool kids again this month and join in the fun with Amanda and Becka for their Runner’s Tell All Monthly link-up.  If you remember, last month I wrote My Running Story In 250 Words as part of their link-up.  This month their cue was to write about your […]


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Soooo, I did it again!  Yesterday while demonstrating an exercise to a client, I tweaked my back.  It feels pretty good except when I first stand up after sitting, and then I walk all stiff and bent over for a couple of minutes while my back spasms… and then I’m fine.  I immediately put heat […]


Race Preparation:  Race Items Check List

Back in April I wrote What’s All That Stuff You’re Carrying?  Since fall is racing season, and I’m spending the week talking about race preparation, I’m re-posting it today with a few minor changes and additions. I’m sure you never leave your house without your phone, but I’ll remind you anyway to take it (and […]

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