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May I Borrow You For Ten Seconds?

Last summer, I connected with Laura from Write The Happy Ending after learning that she was training to run the Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded to honor her sister Taylor, and to bring attention to Batten Disease, the fatal rare disease that afflicts her sister. I was so touched by Taylor’s story that in August, […]


Running For Taylor

Back in August I found Laura’s blog Write The Happy Ending and was instantly drawn to her and her sister Taylor.  I wrote about their journey on Taylor’s 15th birthday, after I went on a 6.2-mile run in honor of Taylor.  Laura’s love and devotion to her sister and her determination to bring awareness and […]


Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Until yesterday I hadn’t heard of a young lady named Taylor, but I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind since I read her story on her sister Laura’s blog, Write the Happy Ending.  I originally read about Laura’s plan to run in the Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded in honor of […]

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