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  It had been two years since my last trail race, but once I learned about the Hungry Mother 25K, I knew I wanted in on the action. Hungry Mother State Park is near where I grew up, and my husband Bill and I have enjoyed running the well-manicured trails around the lake for several […]


Running The Trails At Hungry Mother State Park

Saturday morning I drove to Marion to meet Meagan for a trail run at Hungry Mother State Park. Bill and I ran there a couple of times in October and loved it so much that we decided to run the half marathon scheduled for this spring.  The only problem was that the race was moved […]


A Trip To The Country

Last Wednesday I drove to my mom’s house to visit for several days. I had a beautiful sunny drive through the Shenandoah and Roanoke valleys, and today I’m making the return journey back home. Mom’s Internet was down while I was there, so I could only get online when I drove into town and used […]

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