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A Week Of Recovery (September 15 – 21)

Last week was all about recovering from Ragnar DC.  For those of you that haven’t read my recaps, you can catch up by clicking on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , and Part 4, to see how my team, Cruisers Rockin’ The Relay, did. Monday My workout on Monday consisted of me limping down […]


Race Preparation:  Race Items Check List

Back in April I wrote What’s All That Stuff You’re Carrying?  Since fall is racing season, and I’m spending the week talking about race preparation, I’m re-posting it today with a few minor changes and additions. I’m sure you never leave your house without your phone, but I’ll remind you anyway to take it (and […]


What’s All That Stuff You’re Carrying?

I’m getting quite a kick out of looking at my “Marathon Check List” that I used to hand out to my running group just a few years ago.  The first thing that I noticed was “single use camera.”  Do they even make those anymore?  So right off the top, I’ll remind you to take your […]

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