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Seven Sun-Safe Habits Every Runner Should Practice

Every May, I remind my family and friends of the dangers of too much sun exposure. Please learn from my mistakes and don’t be stupid like I was in my younger years… May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of […]


Skin Check – Check!

Happy Skin Cancer Awareness Month!  To celebrate, I visited my dermatologist for my twice-yearly skin check today.  I have a great dermatologist.  He’s funny and we laugh the entire time I’m in his office, but far more importantly, he’s extremely thorough.  Today he spent thirty minutes checking and double checking my skin.  I know my […]


Students Knocking Out Melanoma

As you all know by now, bringing awareness to skin cancer is something that I am very passionate about, and since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month I have several related posts planned for next month.  Last year I ran in the TKO Melanoma 5K, and as always, wrote a race recap about my experience.  […]