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Snow Runner

I woke up at 6:15 like a little child on Christmas morning!  I ran to the window to see if we had snow and I wasn’t disappointed!  Our street was covered, but with only about 2 inches of snow, not the 6 inches the weatherman had promised “Snowquester” would dump by 6 AM.  🙁 Bill […]


Red Sky Morning Run

Red sky at night, Sailors delight! Red sky at morning, Sailors take warning. I thought of that little poem this morning as Bill and I went on an early morning run and saw this beautiful sunrise on the eve of the looming snow storm, the local media is referring to as “Snowquester!” I plan to […]


Doing a Happy Dance!

I’m doing a happy dance because snow is on the way! We are expecting 8-12 inches, starting tomorrow around 4 PM, and the local media is excitedly referring to it as “Snowquester.” I’ve reschedule most clients so Wednesday is mostly open, and I’ll have time to enjoy the white stuff! I love running in the […]

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